International NGO WeLoveU delivers the Sanitary and Medical Supplies and Necessities to 23 countries from November 2020 to March 2021

It’s been over a year after the pandemic was declared by WHO. Vaccinations are actively carried out across several countries but there is still much damage worldwide; especially among vulnerable countries lacking sanitations and medical support. One has too many vaccines, which they use to attract tourists. Others do not even have the basic sanitary supplies, so their lives are in danger.

In this dreadful situation, Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which is an International NGO associated with UN Department of Global Communications [former UN DPI] extended support globally to those affected by the pandemic from November last year.

The chapters in 30 countries of the WeLoveU expressed their intention to take part in the support: 7 countries in Central and Southern America (Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras), 9 countries in Asia (Nepal, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, Iraq, Jordan), 11 countries in Africa (Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Togo, Benin), 3 countries in North America, Europe, and Oceania (U.S., Ukraine, Australia). Until March of this year, the support was carried out in 23 countries. The remaining chapters will also actively support those in need as soon as the groups and individuals are selected.

The simultaneous support with sanitations, medical supplies, and necessities

This international support with sanitations, medical supplies, and necessities took place simultaneously. In order to stop the spread of the disease, the following were delivered to the hospitals, health departments, and local governments; 271,700 medical masks, 9,875 bottles of hand sanitizer (200 ml each), 800 medical gowns, 15,000 medical gloves, 24 medical beds, 340 digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors, 150 Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, and so on.

1,350 needy families in Rwanda, Malawi, Rep. of South Africa, Botswana, and Mozambique received not only the sanitary and medical supports, but also received necessities such as cornmeal, rice, sugar, salt, oil, and canned food.

Since online education became prevalent, the students who do not own any electronics have a hard time joining their classes. In response, Hartford Education Committee in Connecticut, U.S. donated 121 digital devices like laptops to the students in need. This was part of the project called, “Closing the Homework Gap,” which was carried out in Irvington and Newark in September of last year.

Besides Covid-19, there was a flood in Asuncion, Paraguay. So 60 twin-sized mattresses and roofing materials for house repairs were urgently donated.

Awards and Recognitions Received Due to the Reliefs in Countries 

In response to the WeLoveU’s support and donations, which are customized to the circumstances of each region, the following organizations sent the certificate of appreciation to the Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the WeLoveU Foundation; Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Thailand; Department of City Planning in Yangon, Myanmar; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia; Health Department in Mongolia, etc. A citation was given to WeLoveU by the Head of the Health Department in Metropolitan Area, Chile because they wanted to express their gratitude for the relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Health Department of Kampala, Uganda, sent the letters of appreciations to the Chairwoman and the Foundation: “We express our gratitude for your unceasing sacrificial supports on behalf of the government.”

The Head of Kyiv City Hospital No 4 in Ukraine expressed much gratitude for 10,000 face mask donation, saying, “Our hospital is operated by the city of Kiev and has about 700 employees. Thanks to you, WeLoveU Foundation, our first responders’ health will be protected.” Although the situation with the coronavirus is so severe in Ukraine, a mask is too expensive to buy.

The WeLoveU members say they are happy to contribute to the most valuable work of saving lives, and that they will continuously support the world in need as an international NGO.

This relief movement is for the “Save the World” movement, which aims to foster a healthy world and lead humankind to a brighter future. In this movement, there are three projects; “Saving Lives,” “Saving the Earth,” and “Saving Humanity.” Among them, it is implemented for the goal of Saving Lives. As an international NGO, the WeLoveU is determined to carry out the relief efforts for achieving No 2 “Zero Hunger” and No 3 “Good Health and Well-Being” among the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs].

Since we are living in the global village, people throughout the world need to collect all their strength to help each other. It is difficult when you do alone, but it is easier and faster when you do it together. The members of the WeLoveU Foundation keep this basic principle in mind and keep helping others who are in need until the end of the pandemic.