Laying the foundation for sustainable efforts for saving lives in cooperation

According to a report by WHO, 250 million people are in need of emergency blood transfusion every year. However, due to a lack of awareness on blood donation and aging population, there are less and less people eligible to donate blood, which make it difficult to meet the demands of blood transfusions.

On July 3, an MOU was signed between the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and Korean Red Cross at the Hanwool Auditorium in Korea Job World. In order to encourage blood donation which is a foundation for sustainable efforts to save lives, the two organizations pledged to cooperate with a continual interest. Among 500 members from the WeLoveU branch in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, who participated in the 192nd Worldwide Blood Donation, 200 members attended the event, including Lee Kang-min (Chairman of the Board of the WeLoveU), Cho Nam-sun (Director of Korean Red Cross Blood Services), and related officials.

국제위러브유운동본부와 대한적심자사 간 업무협약식

Before signing an MOU, each of the two organizations showed its own introduction video at 3:30 p.m.; it was followed by an opening speech by Lee Kang-min the Chairman of the Board of the WeLoveU. He said, “Particularly in this age, it is of utmost importance that we all should regard every life as precious. I’m so glad to sign an MOU with Korean Red Cross for saving lives.” He emphasized the value and significance of the MOU, and hoped the Korean Red Cross would be able to safely supply the sufficient amount of blood.

Director Cho Nam-sun said, “We are so lucky to have the Intl. WeLoveU. The members spread awareness of the importance of blood donation to many countries in the world.” He appreciated the WeLoveU’s signing the MOU, saying, “We will walk with the WeLoveU until the whole world is enlightened on the necessity of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation and participates in it.”

지속 가능한 생명구호의 토대인 헌혈을 활성화하기 위해, 꾸준한 관심을 가지고 상호협력할 것을 약속하며 협약서에 각각 사인하는 국제WeLoveU 이강민 이사장과 대한적십자사 조남선 본부장

Chairman Lee Kang-min and Director Cho Nam-sun took a celebratory photo after signing the MOU. The members gave a big round of cheerful applause. The WeLoveU has been carrying out diverse programs to encourage citizens to participate in the voluntary non-remunerated blood donation through the “Worldwide Blood Drive Campaign” and “Signature Campaign for Saving Lives,” and it has been establishing global networks through seminars and forums concerning blood donation. Through the MOU with the Korean Red Cross, the WeLoveU is expected to expedite its efforts to save lives.