230 members from the Daejeon branch participated in the blood donation program hosted by KBS

On December 17, 2010, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter WeLoveU) Daejeon Branch members visited the Daejeon KBS Open Hall.

It was to deliver Mother’s warm love to the patients who battle diseases by participating in a special program of KBS, “Blood Donation—Delivering Love to Our Neighbors” that will be broadcast live in various parts of the country.

On this day, 230 members from Daejeon Branch of WeLoveU participated in the program and 70 people among them donated whole blood. By this, it is estimated that a total of 3,127 members participated in the blood donation through the blood drive campaign of the WeLoveU. The blood was used for many patients including Hye-in, a three-year-old girl who is suffering from myelofibrosis for two years, and Mrs. Park Seon-ok who had trouble in walking because of aplastic anemia.

The WeLoveU participated in the same blood drive program hosted by KBS last September, and is carrying out the blood drive by themselves to help patients suffering from children tumor. In recognition of their volunteer activities, the WeLoveU received a plaque of appreciation from the Korean National Red Cross last October and was awarded a citation from the Daejeon Major, Yeom Hong-chul.