Seniors, have warm New Year

On January 27 prior to the Chinese New Year, the New Life Welfare Foundation had a precious time of sharing love with the seniors living alone through the event “Warm rice cake delivery to neighbors for the New Year.”

Around 10 am, 10 New Life Welfare Foundation members gathered at the office of Yatap-3 dong, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, and prepared 20kg of bar rice cake and gift set and so on. Then they invited 9 seniors living alone nearby. The holiday season makes people miss the warm fence of their family more. However it makes the seniors living alone more sorrowful because no one visits them even on the holiday. The members came out to deliver the gifts prepared wholeheartedly to them, wishing them to have a happier and warmer holiday than before.

The chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah firmly held the hands of the seniors worrying about their health in the cold winter and said, “Have a great holiday and be healthy.” Then she presented gift to each person. The elders showed thanks with bright smile and the head of Yatap-3dong office Hong Gi-ho said, “The warm devotion from the New Life Welfare Foundation will be delivered to the seniors living alone and make their lives better. I wish the New Life Welfare Foundation remains the helpful organization with steady concern to the needy as it had been. Thank you for your toil and support.”

The elders complimented the members’ kindness as they escorted the elders home, who were uncomfortable with walking, and delivered the gifts. They took care of them from the beginning to the end. Especially one elderly woman Lee Seon-im(75) have to walk the distance for 30 minutes even tough it is just five or ten minutes’ walk for her leg problem. She was pleased to have the gifts delivered to her home when she couldn’t walk back home carrying them. She also said with joy, “I felt lonelier when I saw other houses crowded with people. I wished somebody to visit me, and thank you for coming to my house for the holiday.”

The elderly woman Lee Ok-sun(77) couldn’t hide her tear before the members who was also moved to tears soon. The elderly woman Lee Hee-kyeong(80) firmly grabbed the hands of the members and said, “I appreciate you beyond my description. I think that you showed true love not because you supported seniors living alone materially but because you personally visited and gave love to them.”