Breaking Down the Old House and Building a New One

There was a tumbledown earthen house in Kanchan, Lufandehi, Nepal. It was the house of Chandrakala Bhattachan, who is taking care of her old mother, her physically challenged brother, and her elementary school student son. The shabby house was even stricken by heavy rains during the last rainy season, so many holes were made here and there.

In order to take care of her family, Bhattachan makes a living by doing the housework and field work of other families, and sometimes she even works on construction sites, which is a very hard labor for a woman. What she was more concerned about than her hard life was her family’s health. She used to stay up all night with anxiety about how her family would be able to go through the winter safely in the house where the cold wind blew in and out.

One day, good news came in. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “WeLoveU”), which is led by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, promised to demolish her old house and build a new one. This is how the WeLoveU’s project, “Building a House on Love,” was performed for Bhattachan’s family.

Speak Out of Your Heart

“After my house was damaged here and there during the rainy season, I strived to get help from the government agencies together with the village head. But it wasn’t easy. I was worried about how to endure the winter cold.”

Walls, roof, and doors . . . none of them remained intact. Seeing this pitiful situation, the WeLoveU members planned the construction right away. For about a month, more than 150 members took turns helping with the building. The Kanchan Rural Municipality was pleased with the WeLoveU’s aid and supported some expenses.

How the WeLoveU Worked

First, they carefully demolished the old house.

Second, they sorted out large stones and leveled the ground.

Second, they sorted out large stones and leveled the ground.

Third, they built strong walls with bricks and cement.

Fourth, they completed the house by placing windows, doors, and the roof.

Fourth, they completed the house by placing windows, doors, and the roof.

Before & After

“I Felt Mother’s Love!”

Hoping that Bhattachan’s family would stay in the new house as soon as possible, the WeLoveU members continued the construction even at night, holding flashlights in their hands.

Finally, on January 20, the new house was completed. Hari Narayan Chaudhary, the Head of Kanchan 1 Village said at the completion ceremony, “You have wiped away tears from the crying hut,” and paid his respects to the WeLoveU for greatly contributing to the well-being of the village. Bhattachan also thanked the members again and again.

“The WeLoveU has built this wonderful house for us. We were in a very tough situation, but now we are so happy.” Most of all, I felt a mother’s love through all of you. I am truly thankful to the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU. From now on, I, too, want to bring joy to my neighbors.”

WeLoveU Delivers Love

WeLoveU members rejoiced to see the house built solidly.
They deliver short messages to this family with love.

All of our members resolved to deliver happiness to your family by building a house on love.
Since your house has been completed with love, we hope you will live in peace.

When we visited your house for the first time, our hearts ached a lot to feel how much you suffered when it rained and when it was cold. We are now happy to have participated in building your house. Be happy!

We are happy to do something for you.
Stay warm this winter!

WeLoveU’s “Residential Environment Improvement Project” to take care of households, the smallest unit in community, is in line with the eleventh goal of the SDGs, “Sustainable Cities and Communities.”
The WeLoveU will continue to care about our neighbors and share love with them so that no one is left behind.