Thank you so much for your help. I could have never done this on my own.
You’ve been working so hard since morning; sweeping and mopping all day. Thank you so much.
– Kim Jeong-shim, Senior Lady

In Dong-gu, many senior citizens are in need because they live alone.
Thanks to the WeLoveU Foundation, they will spend a warm winter this year through your love.
Thank you so much to all the WeLoveU Foundation members.
– Hwang In-Ho, Head of Daejeon Dong-gu Office

The members of the WeLoveU Foundation visited a senior lady?Kim Jeong-shim, who is living in a poor residential environment, in order to provide a warm home for her as a gift.
The members searched for essential utilities; changing wallpaper and floor; repairing electric lines; checking water faucets, needed to improve the senior’s home.
Moreover, they delivered 500 briquettes to help the heating of the senior’s home throughout the winter.