Many of our neighbors are going through a tough time.
I’m very moved to see this volunteer group help my neighbor.
I would like to join and help them with their volunteer work.
Go, Intl. WeLoveU (Foundation)!
– Neighbor

I was so happy that I stayed up all night.
I am so thankful. Thank you.
– Resident

The International WeLoveU Foundation volunteered to improve the housing environment for two seniors’ houses in Ulsan. Many parts of the houses were outdated and worn out because they had not been renovated for a long time.

Painting a stained door and window frames with a bright color.
Installing panels to cover exposed ceilings.
Replacing a moisture-corroded bathroom door.
Replacing the stained walls with a new bright color wallpaper.
Repair the ruined flooring due to water leak
Tiling the areas that need to be repaired.
Replacing an entire sink that was small and uncomfortable with a brand new one.
Getting rid of the old windows and installing new ones.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation hopes that the seniors will have a happy dream in a bright and newly renovated house.

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