A multicultural family in Jung-gu, Incheon.
In a difficult situation due to health problems, workplace problems, and pandemic,
the International WeLoveU Foundation conducted a residential environment improvement project so that this family can be encouraged.

mat replacement / painting / sink replacement / toilet replacement / plumbing replacement / glass replacement / light replacement / faucet replacement / hood replacement / cleaning and organization

It must be so difficult for the resident who has come to an unfamiliar and distant country, learn to speak the language, and raise children.
The volunteers passed on housekeeping tips like an older sister, or a mother,
and also organized the art of mischievous children that are scattered throughout the house.

“Thank you so much for working hard as if it was your own.
The house is clean and now we have the confidence to move forward.
Thank You, Chairwoman of the WeLoveU. We Love You.”
– Resident

This family is dreaming of a happy tomorrow.
The International WeLoveU Foundation will support you
with all our hearts to make that precious dream come true.

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