Little consolation to a neighboring country suffering four distress—earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident, and regional economic depression

On March 11, the great earthquake that hit the northeastern Japan brought a huge tsunami and deadly nuclear accident soon after. Especially, as Unit 1 to 4 of the nuclear power plant 1 blew up, the damage of radiation leak became a reality. As it is continuously reported that agricultural products including rice, which were produced in this region, were contaminated by radioactive substance, it deals a severe blow to the local economy, being neglected in the homeland as well as overseas.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation took the lead in helping the citizens of Fukushima, Japan, who were suffering four distress—earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident, and regional economic depression. On November 18, the WeLoveU Foundation Manager Lee Seung-eon visited the Fukushima prefecture government, and delivered 3,400,000 yen [$443,000] in relief funds. This donation is expected to be used to supply daily necessities to the residents of the damaged region. Igarashi Koji, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Fukushima Prefecture, who received the donation, expressed his gratitude to the foundation, saying, “We sincerely give thanks for helping us in difficult situations.”

On the last May 22, the WeLoveU members called people’s attention to the neighbors in need in Korea and overseas, and raised funds through the New Life Family Walkathon. The donations, which the members raised at that time, were used for the living expenses of the low-income families in Suwon city, Gyeonggi province, Korea and for the installation of water pumps for the countries suffering from water shortage such as Ghana, Cambodia, Kenya Nepal, etc.