On November 28, Chhlong Primary School students in Cambodia were happy to receive stationary item sets from the WeLoveU Foundation (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah)

Not to quench the children’s passion for learning

Cambodia requires all children, who are from six to fifteen years old, to complete nine years of education (elementary school and middle school). However, students in rural areas often do not get to finish their education; because the schools are poor and the students have hard time even acquiring the necessary stationary items, and they end up working at an earlier age to make money.

In 2011, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation signed an MOU with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Takeo Province, and has been helping schools in the provinces so that the children can receive better education and hope for a brighter future. At the end of 2019 too, the WeLoveU had a meeting with the education department officials from the Provinces of  Kratie, Ratanakiri, and Kampong Cham and has been supporting Chhlong Primary School, HunSen Yeak Laom Primary School, and Chheuteal Primary School.

On August 21, 2011, the WeLoveU Foundation signed an MOU with Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Takeo Province to support the educational facilities and provide supplies to the children in Cambodia.

The WeLoveU members decided to support the children with the most necessary stationary items so that they could continue their learning. WeLoveU members from various places visited the schools and delivered stationary items; 730 stationary item sets were delivered to Chhlong Primary School of Kratie Province on November 28; and 570 stationary sets were delivered to HunSen Yeak Laom Primary School of Ratanakiri Province on December 5. WeLoveU members, students, teachers, parents, and education department officials all gathered for the donation ceremony and shared joy with the children.

On November 28, the WeLoveU Foundation donated 730 sets of stationary items, and the school presented the letter of appreciation to the WeLoveU.
On November 28, the stationary item donation ceremony at Chhlong Primary School
On December 5, the WeLoveU Foundation directed by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah held the stationary item donation ceremony at HunSen Yeak Laom Primary School.
On December 5, the stationary items donation ceremony at HunSen Yeak Laom Primary School
The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah), which is an NGO associated with the UN DGC, held the roofing work completion ceremony after thirteen days of construction at Chheuteal Primary School in Cambodia on December 18.
On December 18, the roofing work completion ceremony at Chheuteal Primary School

On December 18, Chheuteal Primary School in the Province of Kampong Cham held the completion ceremony of the roofing work. This primary school used to cancel classes when it rained because of the old and damaged roof. In a rainy season, the teachers had to have classes in the corner of the classroom to avoid rain. On November 28, the replacement of the roof was carried out by the support from the WeLoveU and the brand-new roof was completed after thirteen days of construction. All the students who were anxious every day that the roof would be caved in were so happy. The WeLoveU members delivered 300 sets of stationary items, hoping that the students could study freely in a better condition.

Ngovrin Hamonika, Chief of the Education Department, participated in the completion ceremony and said, “We’ve requested multiple organizations and associations to repair the roof, but it didn’t take place for a long time and the students had the hard time. Now, we express our gratitude to the WeLoveU Foundation for promising to help and carrying it out quickly. We were very moved.”

Each of Education Departments of Kratie Province and Ratanakiri Province, Chhlong Primary School, and HunSen Yeak Laom Primary School presented a letter of appreciation to the WeLoveU for their support. The WeLoveU will continue to provide steady and tangible support in the educational field so that students’ passion for learning will not fade by the financial difficulty.