Help four elementary schools with facilities such as water pumps and flower beds, and constant support is expected

On July 18, 2011, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation received the Royal Order from the Cambodian Government, signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen. On August 21, when the ceremony to deliver the Royal Order was held, the WeLoveU signed an Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Takeo Province, Cambodia to support Cambodian children and adolescents with educational facilities and goods more smoothly.

On August 21, the board of directors of the WeLoveU, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia, and officials from the Office of Education in Takeo attended the MOU signing ceremony held at Sokahn Potsor Elementary School in Takeo. At this ceremony, So Khun, the Minister of Post and Communication delivered the Royal Order of Monisaraphon to the WeLoveU. The medal was awarded to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah as she contributed to the installment of water pumps, donation of educational supplies to schools in Cambodia, and house repair of citizens in need. After the ceremony, an MOU was signed between the WeLoveU and Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Takeo Province, Cambodia.

Before and after the signing of the MOU, the WeLoveU supported four elementary schools in the Provinces of Takeo and Kandal, Cambodia. Two month ago, in late June, college students from the WeLoveU conducted environmental education at Roneh in Kandal Province and repaired school gate and other school facilities. On August 23, the two days after signing the MOU, the WeLoveU officials visited this school again to provide t-shirts and snacks for the students, donate the cost of making school flower beds, and supply the funds and daily necessities to the households of students in need.

On the 21st, when they signed an MOU, the WeLoveU installed four water pumps in three elementary schools in Takeo; Thmor Troap Elementary School, Tonle Baty Elementary School, and Sokahn Potsor Elementary School. They drilled down to 70 meters [230 ft] below the ground and brought out clear groundwater. The water pumps were great gifts along with school supplies to the students in the water-scarce area. With the signing of the MOU, the WeLoveU will further open up the future of children through education by cooperating with the Cambodian government.