Over 700 WeLoveU members participated in the blood drive held at the Chungnam University Hospital, and citizens, hospital staff and visitors also joined.

The Intl.WeLoveU Foundation conducted the “Blood Drive for Cancer Patients” in front of the children’s wing of the Chungnam University Hospital on February 5 (Friday) for the second time after last year. The blood drive was co-sponsored by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and Chungnam University Hospital, and 750 people attended the event, including the Foundation members, citizens and hospital staff and visitors.

Lee Wu-seop, the Head of IWR Daejeon branch, said, “Blood donation is something like mother’s unconditinal love. Now our society desperately needs this king of love. Just as love and volunteer activity of many people saved dying people from the effects of the earthquake in Haiti, we held this event, hoping this will be a hope for cancer patients.”

Song Si-heon the Head of Chungnam University Hospital said, “Although science has been advanced, there is nothing that can replace human blood. I appreciate many members who have come in this cold weather to help patients who need it.”

Every summer and winter, it is hard to supply blood to patients. Especially this winter, it was more difficult because of the epidemic of Influenza A virus from October to December and of the heavy snow and cold wave in January. Explaining the recent condition, Kim Cheol-su, the Manager of Planning Section of Daejeon Chungnam Blood Center of Korean National Red Cross, said,”We asked the WeLoveU Foundation for help because it was difficult to get blood. Your blood donation will be a great help.”

Some mambers of Daejeon branch participated in the blood drive with their family: husband and wife, and mother and son.

The blood donation progressed from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in three blood vehicles of the Red Cross. The medical examination for doners was very strict so that safe and healthy blood could be supplied to donees. Male members and only the female members who turned out normal through hemoglobin check,filled up medical charts. Those who passed various checkups-medical history,body condition, drug use and identification-were able to donate their blood.

This day, aroung 200 members who had passed the medical checkups donated their blood. 200 blood donation certificates were presented to the Chungnam University Hospital so that it would be used for cancer parients, who had dirricultied with receiving medical treatment because of their financial problems.

A member of the Foundation Gang Hye-gyeong (44 years old, from Cheon-dong, Dong-du)said,”Although Ihad wanted to donate blood, I had not been able to de because of my badhealth. So I took care of my health steadily, and I’ve donated my blood today at last.” A member Shin O-yeong (30 years old, from Bongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu) said,”My nephew took operation for heart disease when he was very young. At that time I knew that blood donation ceriticates were a great help. From that time on, I donated blood steadily, understanding donees’ side.” Yim Hyang-hye(40 years old, from Seonhwa-dong,Jung-gu), who willingly joined the event when she heard about the event through a member, said, “I came here because I thought this was a good thing. I’m happy to help patients.” She added that she wanted to participate in the blood drive again.

Even the members, who went to work, participated in the event at their lunch time or after asking for their director’s understanding. Jin Sa-cheol (42 years old, from Mannyeon-dong, Seo-gu) said, “It is more rewarding to donate blood than giving them a physical help.”

In this blood drive, not only the WeLoveU members but also the hospital staff and visitors participated to practice neighborly love. It was more impressive that there was a person who wanted to be a WeLoveU member to keep participating in blood drive. Although the weather was freezing, all the participants felt warmth of love and were determined to share the joy of love and life with their neighbors continually.