Joy of Love and Joy of Life Through Blood Donation

Following the blood drive by Daejeon branch on February 5, another blood drive was held in Gwangju. On February 8, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation held the “Blood Drive by Gwangju Branch” in front of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Branch of Korea Red Cross. Being sponsored by the Jeonnam University Hospital and Korea Red Cross Gwangju-Jeonnam Blood Center, the event was attended by around 600 IWF members of Gwangju branch even though it rained.

Jeong Gwan-taek, the Head of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Gwangju Branch stated the purpose of the event, “We heard that patients, whom we supported the medical expenses for through the New Life Walkathon and the New Life Concert every year, were having difficulty with taking operation because of the lack of blood. We felt so sorry, and we the members of Gwangju branch, decided to take part in the blood drive which is spreading out nationwide.” He also hoped that the members’ small concern for them will make big love.

Jeong Ha-gwang, the Head of Gwangju-Jeonnam Blood Center of Korea Red Cross emphasized that “Only those who are healthy can enjoy the privilege of blood donation and only those who have moral vales can enjoy the privilege of sharing life.” He also encouraged the members, saying, ” Recently, we have difficulty with supplying blood to patients because of the rapid decrease of blood donation by groups. And South Jeolla Province has become an aging society. You are the first to come to donate blood in large numbers recently. Truly, you are the healthy beauties and our king neighbors.”

Kim Yeong-jin, the Head of Jeonnam University Hospital (forth from left) and Jeong Gwan-taek (fifth from left) pose at the donation ceremony of blood donation certificates.

This day, the blood donations progressed from 10:30 a.m. to 5p.m. The members were able to participate in blood donation after passing strict medical examinations by interview and various checkups. The members were very enthusiastic for participating in the life and love sharing event by blood donation; they said that they had controlled meals and taken care of their health.

Because of this king of enthusiasm, 274 members, almost half of the participants, were able to donate their blood. The members’ precious blood will be delivered to the Gwangju-Jeonnam Blood Center and used for patients who need blood transfusion.

IWF Gwangju branch members donate blood after filling out medical charts and passing various checkups.

IWF Gwangju branch members donate blood after filling out medical charts and passing various checkups.

IWF Gwangju branch donated 300 sheets of blood donation certificates, including the ones that the members brought, to the Jeonnam University Hospital. Around 4:30p.m.,the donation ceremony was held in the Jennam University Hospital. Kim Yeong-jin, the Head of Jeonnam University Hospital, thanked the foudnation for the help when they lacked blood supply and said, “Patients with blood tumor can’t produce blood in their marrow so they need a lot of blood. I think this will be a great help to those patients.” He highly appreciated the event for promoting a social atmosphere for blood donation, and hoped that this kind of blood drive would widespread throughout society.

The members,who participated in the blood drive, told about the pleasure of saving life and hoped that more and more people would take courage and participate in the blood donation to save valuable life. A member Lee Myeong-su ( 42 years old, from So chon-dong, Gwangsan-gu) said, “I became willing to donate my blood after hearing that I was able to save three persons for my blood donation.” Recalling that she was in danger when she didn’t receive a blood transfusion while she gave birth to her child, she hoped that this blood drive would help patients who need blood.

IWF Gwangju branch members donate blood after filling out medical charts and passing various checkups.

“We’ve donated blood.” The members, who donated blood after waiting in line for their turn,smile brightly, holding their blood donation certificates.

Some members, who had to work this day, made time for donation. A member Lee Eun-mi (27 years old, from Usan-dong, Gwangsan-gu) who donated her blood during her lunch time said, “I’m happy to be able to join in saving life, by sparing this little time.” Another member Choi Seong-gwi(29 years old, from Hak-dong, Dong-gu) said, “When I was a student, I just followed my friends to donate blood, but now I feel much rewarding because this time I donate blood with a certain purpose to help my neighbors in need. Through this event, I came to have interest in saving life.”

IWF Blood Drive, which started in Seoul from 2004, is spreading to all over the nation including Bucheon, Daejeon, Daegu and Gwangju. Getting rid of selfishness and fear, the IWF members will continue to share their precious things with others whom need them.