People must continue to donate blood for saving lives

“How about getting rid of the whole year 2020?”

Wrapping up the year of 2020, people talk half-jokingly to one another like that. It is because their daily life has completely collapsed and there are so many hardships that they don’t want to remember. Moreover, it became harder for them to share feelings together. Although they tried to be close to one another, it became harder to have meals together due to the restrictions.

However, when people are asked if they really want to get rid of the year 2020, they all say, “No, we don’t want that to happen.” There is one story from YouTube about a person who said, “During the year, I met someone who supports me, met my life partner, and spent great time with my family.” He said it was a great year during which he could learn to be humble and patient. Although it was a year that people wanted to erase, in fact they did not want to erase even the precious moments they had. There were many comments on that video, saying that it was heartwarming and comforting.

When times are tough, people get comforted through heartwarming stories. Furthermore, what if the heartwarming stories are about saving lives? What else can be more beautiful than this?

Amid the pandemic, many people require blood transfusions, but the number of blood donors has dropped sharply due to fear of the virus. Although blood shortage has become serious, the government of each country cannot help but regretfully accept their situation. The members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the WeLoveU ) in the U.S., Brazil, and New Zealand rolled up their sleeves, hoping that others too would voluntarily donate blood. In the second half of 2020, they continued the noble act of sharing their lives by carrying out blood drives while adhering to COVID-19 preventative measures. They said people should continue to donate blood even in a small scale in order to save people in danger.

The baton of life delivered to the U.S., Brazil, and New Zealand

The 362th Blood Drive in Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.

American members took the first step to donate blood. On September 6, members of the WeLoveU chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah, donated blood through the American Red Cross. Among the 38 members who applied for blood donation, 35 members successfully donated blood. In November, blood drives held in succession in three regions of the United States. On November 1, the WeLoveU chapter in Sunland, CA, at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, Los Angeles; and on the 8th, the WeLoveU chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah, together with the chapters in Billings and Great Falls, Montana, at Yellowstone Billings Vitalant; and on the 29th, the chapter in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, donated blood at Dillingham Blood Center, Hawaii. A total of 96 members from three regions participated in the blood drive, and 68 members successfully donated blood. Hawaii. A total of 96 members from three regions participated in the blood drive, and 68 members successfully donated blood.

The blood drive at Hawaii started at 6:30 in the morning because a member made an early appointment through the Internet and so the event began at dawn. It is natural for the WeLoveU members who take the lead in the noble work of saving lives.

The WeLoveU members in Brazil took over the blood drive baton from the United States. At Brasília Blood Center in Brazil, 29 WeLoveU members participated in donating blood. It was arranged on October 29 to help one of WeLoveU member’s family member who had surgery to fight cancer and needed a large amount of blood. One member had prepared for donating blood; she drank water often, exercised, and ate a wide variety of healthy foods. She said, “I’m happy to share love with my neighbors through blood donation. I want to be of help to all those who are ill through my healthy blood.”

The 369th Blood Drive in Auckland, New Zealand

The WeLoveU members in Auckland, New Zealand, donated blood on November 23 and December 3 at New Zealand Blood Bank in Manukau and Epsom. The blood donation time was divided into three sessions to make sure no one misses out on donating blood due to their work, and the workers were guided to donate blood in the last blood donation session. A total of 62 people successfully donated blood in two regions. New Zealand Blood Bank sent letters of appreciation to the WeLoveU chapters in the two regions.

Even though COVID-19 swept the whole world, people should continue to donate blood. It is because it is the right thing to make every effort to save dying lives, regardless of situation. In the year of 2020, there were many hardships and difficulties, but it was a meaningful year when they could work hard for saving other people’s lives; so they could not remove the year of 2020. It was a precious time when they could share love with others by donating blood.