"Draw the Love With a Happy Mind"

“Draw the Love With a Happy Mind”

After the morning shower drove away summer heat, it was cool with the cloud in the afternoon. Children spread drawing paper and focused on drawing pictures. Even in gloomy day, the sun was rising and birds and butterflies were flying in their drawing paper.

“The Beautiful Jordan River,” where people share what they have with their neighbors

On Sunday, July 25, “2004 Sketch Contest for Helping Children in Need” was held at the Jungang Park located in Bundan-gu, Seongnam city. About 3,000 members from the Seongnam branch of the New Life Welfare Foundation including 1,000 children participated in this event, which was hosted by the New Life Welfare Foundation and sponsored by the Korea Child Protection Foundation, AreumBroadcasting Network,and Korea Today the monthly journal.

A collection box was placed at the entrance of the event place. Children who participated in the contest brought their own drawing boards, pastel crayons, water colors, palettes, brushes and water pails. They didn’t pass by the collection box, but put their donation into the box. Not only the Foundation members but also the citizens, who come out for a walk with their own family, stopped and willingly participated in the fund-raising.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah explained the purpose of the contest to the participants, saying, “This event is prepared to help children who are suffering from intractable diseases and children in need. We wish them to live with dreams, not losing hope even under unfavorable situations.” She also told us a story about the River Jordan and the Dead Sea in Talmud.

The story was about the two great rivers in Israel: One was the Jordan whose water is living because it gives as much as it receives, and the other was the Dead Sea whose water is dead because it only receives without giving. Chairwoman Zahng encouraged the members, saying, “You are like the beautiful living Jordan because you care about your neighbors and share what you have with them even in current economic downturn.” The members realized the importance of sharing once again from the remarks of Chairwoman.

In the congratulatory speech, Chairman of Korea Chiild Protection Foundation Lee Bae-geun highly valued the true love of the members of the New Life Welfare Foundation towards their neighbors, saying, “There are two characteristics of the members of the New Life Welfare Foundation: enthusiasm and sincerity.” Additionally, he said regarding the contest, “Children express their inner world not only by speech but also by their writings and drawings. It is an unusual and great event to enable adults to discover the inner world of children and to help children in need as well.”

Then President of Korea Today O Ju-heon offered the plaque of appreciation to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and Director Kim Ju-cheol respectively.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah delivered the “Fund of Hope” amounting to 20 million won to nine children living in Seongnam city: one child suffering from childhood cancer, two parentless households, five children living in single-parent home, and one child in extreme poverty. The members prayed that the beneficiaries would overcome the present sufferings and be better off economically and mentally as well.

At the end of the official event, warious performances were presented: the New Life Children Choir’s song, children’s traditional percussion, a woodwind quintet, children’s musical “The Rabbit and the Tortoise,” and a brass band music. Regardless of age, all the attendants were pleased with the exciting and interesting performances.

A happy time with family

Following the official event, the members ate lunch with their family. After finishing their lunch, children started to draw landscape around them. Children drew their inner world, unlike adults who drew only visible world. Parents sat next to their children and coached them quietly without sparing encouragement and praise.

Park Gyeong-sun(35), who was coaching her seven-year-old daughter Hyeonjin, said, “My older child likes drawing. I’m pleased to have a useful time with my children through this event.” The applicants for the contest were classified as children, middle and high school students and adults. Some families participated in all the three categories.

Yadam(7)’s family handed in three pieces of pictures: Yedam painted a dream land with sparrows, butterflies and bees flying around; her dad drew a nice watercolor; and her mom painted the pretty seven-color rainbow. Yedam’s dad Kim Yong-hee (32) said, “This event reminds me of my school days. This contest will be educational for my kid because all family members paint together and also can help other friends in need.”

While the contest was going on, a clown and a tall pierrot made balloon crafts for the children, and popular cartoon characters entertained them as well. “Best Smile Family” event, that was to take pictures of a family’s best smile with character dolls, was held at one corner, and people formed a long queue,waiting for the face painting at the other corner.

“New Life Love Family Sports Games” took place on the grass for about half an hour, for families consisiting of dad, mom, and child. Family teams divided into blue and white teams and played a swineherd, stepping stones and flipping over game and so on; love grew stronger between family members.

Around 3 pm, the members handed in their paintings and cleaned their surroundings. Then they headed home, saying, “I hope there will be more chances to have a pleasant time with family members and also to help our neighbors in need.” Behind their backs, dazzling sun light was shining from the sky after cloud receded.