"Thank You for Your Love for the Nation"

On a clear day when the cold that continued for a few days eased up, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and about 40 members of the New Life Welfare Foundation visited the 5797 artillery brigade.

“Winged Tiger” spewing flame, which was painted on the colors of the Chosun Dynasty, was as a symbol of bravery and dignity. The symbol of the 5797 artillery brigade,too,was a winged tiger holding a fire; it was called the “Loyal Tiger.” As the symbol shows, the soldiers are determined to break up their enemy with great fire power and mobility and defend their fatherland with a firm conviction of ultimate victory. Not to mention defending the nation, they were amking effoerts to protect the environment and received an award, “Environmental First Award,”, from Chosun Daily three years ago.

In the morning of December 20, the brigade commander and many soldiers welcomed the Foundation members. Chairwoman Zahng expressed her thanks for their efforts, saying, “Thanks to your great efforts to defend the nation regardless of weather, we feel safe and comfortable.” The brigade commander also appreciated their visit and encouraged them, saying, “I think highly of all the works done by the New Life Welfare Foundation. They are really great.”

The atmosphere between the Foundation members and the soldiers was very friendly like a family. The chief staff of the brigade said, “I often saw you doing volunteer services on TV,wearing uniform vests. Am I right?” and asked how to sign up to become a member of the Foundation. One of the Foundation members, who was an infantry officer in the reserve,said, “I envied artillerymen the most when I served in the army because they were on the car when infantrymen walked,” and there was a gust of laughter.

The women members, who had grown-up sons, showed great interest in the explanation of the staff officer about the current status of the brigade and the military life. Seeing the last phrase,”We love our country with a burning heart, and we will protect her with all our life” in the promo video that the soldiers made on their own, the Foundation members gave a big round of applause for their patriotism.

The New Life Welfare Foundation donated ten 29-inch TVs to the brigade, and the brigade presented the Foundation a letter of appreciation. After taking a commemorative picture, they went to see soldiers’ equipments. The brigade commander explained that our artillery had the world’s most advanced weapos made of Korea’s technology. Hearing that the weapon improves accuracy by taking the rotation of the earth on its axis as well as wind force into account, the members shouted, “Wonderful!”

After looking around the equipments of the artillery, Chairwoman Zahng and the Foundation members served lunch at three parts in the cateteria. They served all sorts of food on the table with the heart of a mother who cares about her son in the army: rice cakes, chickens, fruits and beverages and so on. Seeing their enjoying the meal, the members’hearts were also full.

After lunch, a small concert for soldiers was held at the corner. They applauded when the members Kim Gyn-min, Kim Je-hun, Eom Tae-gyeong, Park Ok-hee sang songs. Chairwoman Zahng thanked the soldiers again for their efforts, wishing them to become great workers for our society. The brigade commander replied, “I think that Korea has become an advanced country thanks to the people who volunteer and practice love like you. We’ll also do our best to fulfill our missions.”

The female vice officer, whom we met at lunch, said that she was not tired but happy though she was receiving training at that time. She showed her interest in the activities of the New Life Welfare Foundation, and complimented the efforts of the members. The chief of staff also said, “There is nothing difficult for an artilleryman. We only have confidence that we can carry out our duties to the fullest with the most advanced military equipments.”

It is well known that winter training is the most difficult thing in the military life. However, the 5797 artillery brigade soldiers did not say that they were tired but felt it was rewarding. Saying good bye, the Foundation members wished the soldiers good health, who were carrying out their duties silently with pride and patriotism during the cold winter.