Donating 17 wheelchairs to Yavari in Loreto, Peru

Peru shares its borders with a number of countries. In the north, there are Ecuador and Colombia, in the east, there is Brazil, in the southeast, there is Bolivia, and in the south, there is Chile. Yavari, in Loreto, Peru, is the border area that meets with Colombia and Brazil. The political, economical, and cultural benefits in the region are much less compared to those of other major cities, and there are hardly any welfare benefits.

Ministry of Social Inclusion and Development [MIDIS] in Peru formed partnership with the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation in order to help out the citizens of Yavari in the border area. They decided to provide welfare benefits to those suffering from disabilities. After carefully thinking about how to help the citizens of Yavari, they made a decision to donate 17 wheelchairs.

On June 2, the wheelchair donation ceremony was held at MIDIS located in Lima, Peru. The Minister of Social Inclusion and Development, the head of Yavari district office, and the manager of the WeLoveU branch in Faucett, Peru attended the event while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. The donated goods were displayed before the podium.

Silvana Eugenia Vargas Winstanley the Minister said, “I’m so happy to be able to connect the local government with the private organization for dealing with the issue of people suffering from disabilities. I’m sure that we need an organization like the WeLoveU for such people to receive help.” In addition, she said, “I’m truly thankful to the organization for quickly and effectively helping out Yavari in the border area.” That day, she sent a letter of appreciation to Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the WeLoveU for donating the wheelchairs.

Tito Lozano Ramírez the Head of the district office explained that he visited MIDIS to deliver the donated goods, and said, “We are so happy to be able to receive support from the WeLoveU, and we hope to work together with the organization constantly in the future.” He also said, “The donated goods serve as excellence vehicles for those suffering from disabilities; I once again express my sincere gratitude to the organization for the generous support.”

After the event, the Head of the General Office for Cooperation and International Affairs at the Ministry of Social Inclusion and Development said in clear Korean, “Gaam-sa-hap-ni-da, (which is ‘Thank you’ in Korean),” and made a heart shape with her thumb and index finger. She added, “Staying in Yavari, I came across a lot of people who need help. I’m overly joyful to be able to carry out this project of helping out those in difficulties.”

The district officer of Yavari, and officials from MIDIS, shouted, “We Love U” and put their thumbs up. The WeLoveU members once again realized that helping out their neighbors in difficulties is truly rewarding and joyful.