On 12th of this month, at the “Ceremony of Donating Blood Donors’Certificates and Fund for Children With Leukemia,” Zahng Gil-jah the Chairwonman of the New Life Welfare Foundation and its staff delivered blood donors’certificates equivalent to 11,200ml as well as one million won to four year child Hong Min-hyeok.

Min-hyeok now suffers from leukemia. At the end of the past month of May,symptoms were found and he was hospitalized on July 11. He went through various exams and chemotherapy, and leukocyte count reduced. He left the hospital on July 11 and started outpatient therapy.

However,he definitely needs to have bone-marrow transplantation and is looking for a suitable bone-marrow. At the ceremony, Min-hyeok looked healthy except his hair lost from chemotherapy,as if he were not suffering from leukemia. When he was asked how painful it was to be treated in the hospital, he shook his head with a smile. His mother KimMi-jeong said that he endured painful treatment except the beginning period when he grizzled.

Chairwoman Zahng consoled her, saying, “Please believe that your child is able to recover for sure.” She expressed her thanks repeatedly to Chairwoman and other members, saying, “I would be terrified and lonely if I had to go through this tragedy by myself, but I am very encouraged thanks to people who help us like you.”

The possibility to find a bone-marrow that matches that of a leukemia patient is one twenty thousandth. And it is enormously essential for people to actively participate in blood and bone-marrow donation so that leukemia patients can have new life and hope. We pray that Min-hyeok can undergo operation by finding a perfect donor and gets well soon.