Until They Go Through Despair and Regain Courage

On a bright and fine day, the foundation members visited Gangneung region for the flood restoration.

It was difficult to imagine that a typhoon hit a region because of the fine clear sky, but when the volunteers arrived in Gangneung, the stacks of trash scattered all over the place showed how serious it was on that day.

“I never knew what flood damage was like in my whole life.” As a victim said, this region had been far from flood before, so the damage caused by the typhoon “Lusa” was very serious both materially and morally.

About 30 volunteers from the New Life Welfare Foundation were mostly housewives, but they worked hard for the restoration even though it was difficult because they knew how frustrated the victims felt.

We hope that the New Life Welfare Foundation can be a help to the typhoon victims in Gangneung so that they can overcome despair and rise again.