Becoming a secure fence for the neighbors in pain

On April 4, full of spring flowers, the New Life Welfare Foundation members hand in hand with their children, who were brighter than the spring flowers, visited the Uri Community, a welfare organization for the disabled at Sangdaewon, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si.

The Uri Community members welcomed the New Life Welfare Foundation members, who brought handful of foods prepared wholeheartedly and were ready to share love in their full heart.

The children of Uri Community were pleased to meet the members as if they met their own family at long last because they seldom went out and met people.

The members sat in groups of twos and threes with the children and shared friendly talks with them. They also helped them take a bath and have meals. All of them rolled up their sleeves to clean the house every nook and corner for the spring.

The children were exposed to the risk of car accident because the Uri Community was located nearby the road where there was much traffic. Even though there was a small yard in it, they couldn’t use it freely because main gate was not built yet. On hearing the pitiful story, the New Life Welfare Foundation members purchased the materials at their own expenses and made a beautiful gate for them offhandedly.

The head of Uri Community Choi Yeong-hee told that her voice got bigger to control the children, expressing her thanks to the New Life Welfare Foundation members, “Now I’m relieved by the safe fence of love that you made for us.” Then she added, “You are the first volunteers who brought your kids here. Thank you for bringing your kids and giving them chance to play together with the children here.”

After finishing the volunteer service late at night, the members pledged to be the reliable fence to the isolated neighbors in pain, looking at the gate clearly shining silver-white even in darkness.

We hope that the children of Uri Community will enjoy warm sun light equally shining the yard even though it is small, as much as they wish.