Consolatory Visit to the Warriors Named "Lightning"

There are people who keep awake all night,backing a close downtown.Their eyes scrutinize the region beyond the river. They are our proud army soldiers who are in charge of national security and public safety.

To give thanks and comfort to them for their efforts,the International WeLoveU Foundaion Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and about 40 members visited the 17th infantry division on October 25. At the entrance, a divisional commander and many soldiers welcomed the Foundaiton members with cheerful melidies performed by a military band.

Chairwoman Zanhng Gil-jah presented articles of comfort and expressed her gratitude,saying,”You always make every effort to defend our country day and night,summer and winter. I always feel grateful for you.” This day, the Foundation members donated ten large-scale flat TVs and served about a thousand soldiers with rice cakes,fried chickens, fruits,beverages. Commanding General of Division, Sim Yong-sik said, “I’m sure we, soldiers, can make more efforts to defend our nation, being warmed by your wholeheartedly prepared food. I expect you to visit us often and give us comfort.” Military officers, who knew well the soldiers’effort and difficulties, also said, “Although military facilities were modernized, it was not easy to change old TVs in the quarters. The morale of our soldiers may be improved by your concern for their welfare.”

The Foundation members connfirmed the importance of national security and efforts of the soldiers again, watching the division promo video and the history museum. It was just when the soldiers were going through raid training, so the Foundation members could see their training in a close distance. True to the name of the division, “Lightning,” the soldiers were receiving train with the pride, ‘We are the national army which protects peoples’life and property with rapid mobility like that of lightning.” Despite the hard training, the soldiers’voices resounded, which showed their intrepid spirit very well. The Foundation members challenged the training, following an assistant instructor’s good example.

Around lunch time, the members visited the army post that was at a distance of 40 minutes to encourage soldiers on sentry. Under the guidance of the platoon commander, they looked around the barrack; it was equipped with all modern facilities including the Internet service, far better than in the past.

After the Foundation members served lunch for the soldiers, the male members talked about their military life at the tables. To the soldiers who do not let down their guard toward the invisible enemy and protect their country day and night, mosquitoes in summer and extreme cold in winter are their another great enemy. However, they say that the most formidable enemy is themselves; they have to endure solitude and tension all alone. To the soldiers who persevere with their mental and physical difficulties and do their best to carry out their mission as a shield of the nation, the members gave a warm round of applause and turned back.