A concert full of love that is given and love that is received

“It’s so warm. I think the reason that we can live is because there are people who give love like you.”
“I feel very comfortable and warm here at this Convention Center in Kyeonggi University. I believe it is because a great and bright light is among us.”
Just like the vocalists said from the first vocalist Insuni to the last vocalist Lee Ju-ho of the male duet “Sunflower,” the concert was overflowed with the warmth of love. Along with the fervent performances of the vocalists, the audiences replied by waving their hands.

The New Life Concert had been held every winter to deliver love to our neighbors, and this was the 8th concert. Supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Youth Committee, Korea Youth Counseling Institute, Sejong General Hospital and Kyeonggi University, the 8th New Life Concert was held at the Teleconvention Center of Kyeonggi University in Suwon Campus, where about 2,000 members gathered on November 25.

Many guests attended the concert: IWF Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, IWF directors and the Chief Director Lee Kang-min, IWF Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae, IWF PR Ambassador Kim Seong-hwan, Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Mun-su, Suwon City Mayor Kim Yong-seo, President of Korea Youth Counseling Institute Yi Bae-keun, Chief Director of Sejong General Hospital Park Yeong-gwan, Secretary General of Seoul City Social Welfare Council Jeong Yeon-bo, Head of Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency Harry A.C. van Woerden, First Secretary of the U.S. Embassy David Wolf and so on.

IWF Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, IWF Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae

At the donation delivery ceremony, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah appreciated the concern and support of the guests and the IWF members. Then she explained why the New Life Welfare Foundation changed its name to the International We Love U Foundation, saying, “We changed the name of the foundation for the purpose of approaching all the global people closer and love them more so that we can live a happy life together.” She showed her resolution, saying, “We will help our neighbors who are underprivileged and burdened with their wearisome lives, and say, ‘We love you.’ We will do our best to hear from them, ‘We are happy because you are with us.’ ”

Lee Sun-jae, who is the IWF Sponsor Chairman and a popular actor, gave his thanks and honor to the IWF members who practiced love for their neighbors with the spirit of volunteer service. He proclaimed, “This year, IWF opened a new age to help our unfortunate neighbors all around the world by using all our accumulated know-how for volunteer services.” And he asked for the members’ constant concern and support.

Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Mun-su, Principal of Korea Youth Counseling Institute Yi Bae-keun

Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Mun-su said, “Today I came to know that the volunteers, who supported the International Soft Tennis Championships held in Anseong city, were the same members with the people who attended the concert last year despite the rain.” Then he offered his congratulations to the concert, “Your love for neighbors will even melt winter cold and shine in the dark beyond borders.” The Principal of Korea Youth Counseling Institute Yi Bae-keun told a story about the queen of England who moved a wounded soldier by her tears, and wished the IWF constant development, saying, “I’m very moved by this concert. Now I feel great love like that of the queen who shed tears for a soldier.”

At the donation delivery ceremony, the heartfelt donations of the members were delivered to 34 neighbors: children suffering from heart disease or rare diseases, parentless households, foreign disaster workers and so on. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae gave the beneficiaries the words of encouragement along with the donations, and the audiences also cheered them with loud applause.

Vocalist Yun Tae-gyu, Vocalist Lee Seung-hun

Movie Actor Kim Bo-seong, New Life Children’choir

After the donation delivery ceremony, a concert full of love and passion was followed. Vocalist Insuni presented dream to the audiences by the song, “A Goose’s Dream;” and PR Ambassador Kim Seong-hwan, who was recently awarded a Garland Culture Order, received the plaque of thanks and gave laughter to the audience with his witty speech along with his song.

All the vocalists didn’t forget to say some words of encouragement along with their songs. Vocalist Yun Tae-gyu who sang a hit song, “My Way,” also encouraged the beneficiaries, saying, “Don’t lose your dream.” PR Ambassador Lee Seung-hun sang a song, ‘To a Happy Country,” and said, “It’s very natural for us to share because we live altogether. When I give, I feel very happy.” Vocalist Lee Gwang-jo presented his warmheartedness with a song “As Everyone Does” and said, “While living, I will try to give.”

Vocalist Baek Mi-hyeon, who has an appealing voice, wished all the people to share love through this concert, saying, “I will never forget the great emotion that I felt at the last concert, for the rest of my life.” IWF PR Ambassador Kim Bo-seong cheered the audience, shouting, “Go for it,” and sang a song, “A Man.” He also said, “We are like a water drop in the sea, so let’s gather our small love until we make a sea of love.”

With beautiful songs by IWF members Kim Jae-hoon and Kim Gyu-min, a yodel and do-re-mi song with cute rhythmical movement by the New Life Children’s Choir, the 8th New Life Concert ended as all the performers sang a song, ‘With Love,’ together with the male duet “Sunflower.”“A Mongolian disaster worker thanked, saying, “I haven’t received this kind of help before.” A mother with her three-year-old son suffering from heart disease said, “I can’t thank you enough for helping my son.” A member said, “I was happy to be able to give a small helping hand to my neighbors and deliver our heartfelt love. I hope they will not lose their hope, remembering that there are many neighbors around them.” We were all happy to be able to receive love and much happier to be able to give love.

With the beneficiaries

The IWF members deliver the message of love before the concert.