The tenth love concert for neighbors was held at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium, and 8,000 participants sang together

“Why didn’t you stay at home in this cold weather? How come so many of you came here?”

the sitcom drama,”High kick Through the Roof,” greeted the IWF members and guests with wit, presenting them a big laughter again. On December 20, it snowed in the morning, and the piercing cold of ten degree Celsius below zero had been in full swing for seven days. However, at 5 p.m. the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium was full of warmth. As the concert proceeded, the warmth gradually got hotter, and performers and audience became one in the fever of love.

The New Life Concert, which had shown its first stage at the Jeongdong Event Hall in winter of 2,000, was held as the 10th concert at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium. With the purpose of helping children suffering from diseases and neighbors in need,the International We Love U Foundation hosted the 10th New Life concert. It was sponsored by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, Incheon Metropolitan City, Seoul Metropolitan City, Bucheon Sejong General Hospital, Korea Youth Service Center, The Woman News, The Incheon Timesm, The Kyeongin Ilbo, The Monthly Chosun, The JoongAng Ilbo, and many other organizations who have good will. Around 8,000 people attended the concert:IWR Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, IWF Chief Diredtor Lee Kang-min and other board members, IWF Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae, IWF Goodwill Ambassador Kim Seong-hwan and other IWF PR Ambassadors, special guests in all social standings, and IWF members with their family and neighbors.

Welcome addresses by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae

Congratulatory messages by guests

“Human beings come with empty hands and go with empty hands. In this life, we can understand how beautiful it is to give and share with others. I wish this world to overflow with happiness, hope and trust, by loving, considering, gorgiving and sharing, after letting down all greed and selfishness.”

At the donation delivery ceremony, Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah greeted the attendees with her thanks, and wished them a Happy New Year. She said, “I wish in this hour we can give courage and hope to our neighbors who are depressed by the weight of hard life, and hold their hands with love and give them a shoulder they can lean on even for a while.” Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae also encouraged the IWF members, saying, “I’m greatly honored to be here as a member dedicated yourselves to helping the people who need your help all year round. You did excellent jobs!”

In the following congratulatory messages, the guests congratulated on holding the 10th New Life Concert with one mind. And they gave thanks to the We Love U Foundation for the international volunteer services for all mankind as well as Koreans, and hoped that many children and neighbors will receive life, hope and courage continually through the Foundation.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah delivers donations to the beneficiaries and encourages them.

This day, medical and living expenses and some heartfelt gifts were donated to 40 families in need: children suffering from rare or intractable diseases, parentless children in poverty, children living with a single parent, children living with grandparent(s), multicultural families in need. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and Sponsor Chairman Lee Sun-jae delivered donations and encouraged the beneficiaries, holding their hands warmly. And also audience did not spare a big round of applause to convey their love.

After the donation delivery ceremony, the second part of the New Life Concert was presided by the IWF Goodwill Ambassador Kim Seong-hwan. Following the first stage of Kim Seong-hwan, a fairy tale song medley by the New Life Children’s Choir led the audience into the dreamy world where Peter Pan, Cinderella and the Snow White appear.

“Let us make a beautiful world together by gathering our love!”
After the performance of the little children singing “Beautiful World” ended with warm and deep emotion, vocalists’passionate singing continued. Vocalist Yun Tae-gyu came, even canceling other schedules; vocalist Baek Mi-hyeon said, “Since the moment right after I finished the concert last year,I’ve been waiting for the next concert,” and added that she learned much, shared much, and received much energy whenever she came here; vocalist Lee Seung-hun the IWF PR Ambassador, who had joined from the first concert,made a new song of “We Love You” for the 10th concert to sing along with the IWF members; and vocalist Kim Min-gyo claimed himself to be the IWF PR Ambassador, saying,”Why didn’t you invite me to this good event earlier?” All the celebrities did not forget to give the message of love and encouragement to the IWF members and beneficiaries with the gift of beautiful songs.

When the children of American diplomats in Korea sang a children’s song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing,” with unstained innocent look, they received a big applause from audience. After that, the passionate performance of Kim Bo-seong the IWF PR Ambassador, Kim Gyu-min and Kim Je-hun the IWF members continued.

When the concert ended by singing together “We Love You,” every heart was filled with love. The beneficiaries, who enjoyde the concert, made happy memories with Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, many celebrities and the children’s choir who visited their waiting room before and after the concert.

An old lady, who looked after two her grandsons in poverty, having diabetes and high blood pressure, said with a bright smile,”I’ve not gone out for sightseeing even once. But today I’m so happy to be here to hear others’ stories and to see nice performances.” The welfare officials from thd Incheon Namdong ward rejoiced as if it had been their own affairs, saying, “We were very moved at your careful consideration towards the beneficiaries. We sincerely appreciate for your active help with open minds.” An audience Gwon Sang-suk(from Gyeyang, Incheon), saying, “I was distressed at home, but I feel at ease here. Performers and audience all look happy, and I feel like receiving much love.” A foreign ambassador, who attended the concert, also left the same impression on the guest book:

“I was greatly moved by the concert, all the vocalists and participants. All of them looked happy, passionate and joyful. I’m also happy to be with you.”

During the New Life Concert, all participants were happy to gather and share love together. The 1st concert, which supported five children with heart disease, constantly continued and finally it became possible to support 40 families at the 10th concert. The IWF members who realized that the more love they give, the greater happiness they can share, pledged themselves to live the New Year by sharing greater love.