Zahng Gil-jah, Chairwoman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, lectured on character in the"Happy School Parent Academy"

Entrance Coaching Course of the “Happy School Parent Academy” was held at Yeeum Hall at Gacheon University Global Campus in Seongnam City every Thursday for four weeks since the middle of June. In order to give an advice to school parents who were worrying about childrens’ education on study and career, education experts from various fields stood on the podium which was arranged by Dongaezedu co. and Jinhaksa.

On Thursday July 5, in the last lecture of the four week session, a very special lecture was developed. The subject of the special lecture was “character,” and the expert whom the sponsor had invited was Zahng Gil-Jah the Chairwoman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation.

“If you want to make your child study hard, you must also instruct them ‘Humanity Education.’ A mother is a teacher who executes humanity education.”

Chairwoman Zahng started her special lecture on character, putting an emphasis on humanity education, that is, character education and the importance of the mother’s role. Today, in our society overwhelmed by immoral crimes and struggles among siblings on inheritance, character education is a pressing need more than ever. Pointing out that parents are a good example from whom their children can learn how to live in the right way from their childhood, she summarized that parents themselves must try to show good examples through their speech and behavior as well as providing them with good instruction.

Chairwoamn Zahng emphasized that we should teach them not only “Receiving Love” but also “Giving Love.” And she explained that parents’ setting an example in volunteer service activities and taking part in the activities together with children was the best character education and by doing that communication and interaction with children could be continued naturally. She asked them to revive the tradition of the “Country of Courtesy in the East”: yielding to one another, being considerate of others, and helping neighbors. Chairwoman Zahng also requested them to regard the people in the world as our neighbors with a broad mind in this global age, and to try to help people like climate refugee who are in difficulties.

This lecture, which was given through the presentation material, attracted the audience’s interest by many precedent counselings from long years of experience and examples of volunteer service activities. The attended 500 elementary, middle and high school parents listened to the lecture carefully and expressed sympathy. On finishing the 80-minute enthusiastic lecture, clapping and cheering burst out.

School parents appraised, “It was very useful to listen to the way of character education which I’ve been trying to teach but couldn’t find the way.” A school parent Sin Seong-hee, 40, Baekheyn-dong, Bundang-gu, said that she got an answer from today’s lecture, saying,”Last week, the lecturer who was an admission officer said, ‘What colleges ask the students of today is not a talent who can studiy all by himself, but a global leader who is equipped with good character so that he can embrace many people and lead them.’ Today I’ve found the answer from today’s instruction. I myself will set a good example by deed, so that my child can take care of others and look more carefully around him and look on the world with eyes wide open.”