Children’s dreams are like little shoots that have just sprouted from the ground.
This is the reason we have to take care of their surroundings with care and love.

This is Engracio M. Castaneda Central Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac, Philippines.
About a thousand students dream and hope together.
However, the school recently got some issues.

“We built two new classrooms in the back of the main building, but we cannot use them. It doesn’t seem to have constructed well. Could the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation help us?”

Concerned about the poor educational environment, the principal asked Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “WeLoveU”) to repair the classrooms.

The condition for the classrooms was not safe for children.
The floor was cracked, and the windows were poorly constructed.
The ceiling was not finished properly, so the framework of the roof was seen.

The WeLoveU immediately proceeded with the construction
so that children could study in a safe environment.
The classrooms have been transformed into a bright space
where sunlight can enter through the spacious windows.
Various educational supplies such as fluorescent lamps, blackboards,
and desks with chairs were provided.

On April 7, when everything went back to normal in their daily life
after the long period of time with COVID-19, the completion ceremony was held.
School teachers, officials from the Education Office of the State, and parents attended.
They were very pleased that the construction was completed.

Principal Shiela D. Mabutol, and the Schools Division Superintendent of the State of Tarlac Ronald A. Pozon delivered a plaque of appreciation to the WeLoveU.
They expressed their gratitude to the WeLoveU for making a safe and pleasant environment for the children to grow their dreams.

Adding a story

Classroom renovation for Engrasio M. Castaneda Central Elementary School continued from March to August 2020 as part of the educational environment improvement program of the WeLoveU (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah). After the construction was completed, they donated 40 desks with chairs and 4 blackboards.
(Before this, in October 2019, the WeLoveU donated school supplies and schoolbags to 100 students of this school.)