The perspiration of the members for providing the water of life to children

Sindhupalchowk is considered to be the most greatly damaged by the Nepal earthquake in 2015. Also, the Shree Shree Basic School located in the mountain village of Chautara, Sindhupalchowk, could not escape from the damage.

The mineral spring was destroyed by the earthquake so that 72 students of this small primary school, school personnel, and the residents had to purchase drinking water despite their needy circumstances. The children had to go about 500 meters [550 yards] down the mountain trail to get water, so they could not wash even in the hot weather and had difficulties using the toilets.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation purchased drinking water for five years from the Thalkharka Drinking Water Consumer Committee, and the members of the Foundation installed the water pipes, water tank, and water fountains at the school. The members connected the water pipes from the 500 meter below the mountain to the school to pull up the water so that the water can be stored in the water tank for the children to drink from the water fountains. Throughout August, more than 100 members of the WeLoveU Foundation perspired profusely for the installation work.

On September 7, 2017, the completion ceremony was finally held with the WeLoveU Foundation officials, Chautara Mayor Amansingh Tamang, school personnel of Shree Shree Basic School, students, and residents. The children and the people had a time of great joy, drinking fresh water freely from the water fountain painted in bright color. The Chautara Sangachokgadhi Municipality and the Shree Shree Basic School awarded a certificate of gratitude to the Foundation, appreciating the provision of the clean drinking water and waterworks.