Discussions on emergency relief and global partnerships Signed an MOU with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization for Relief and Development, and with the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development.

A refugee girl on prosthetic legs made of cans and PVC, people reaching out their hands to get just a small bag of rice, people suffering from environmental disasters such as floods, droughts, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes . . .
The photos showing the devastating reality of war refugees and climate refugees captured the eyes of people at the 2018 Save the World International Forum venue.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, in her opening speech, said, “In order to resolve global issues such as climate change, conflicts, poverty, diseases, preservation of biodiversity, people from all around the world should take action together, starting with one person.”
She hoped that the forum would reaffirm everyone’s commitment to having constant interests in UN SDGs and making efforts to realize the goals, for the happiness and unity of all mankind.

H.E. Adel Mohammad Adaileh the Jordanian Ambassador to Korea commented on the refugees in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen due to civil wars, and the state of refugee camps in Jordan. Also, he said with expectation, “This forum will help people recognize the importance of global partnership for emergency relief, and will contribute to solving global issues on the basis of cooperation and partnerships.”

At this forum, Kim Ock-hyeon the Vice-president of the Korea Committee of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources [IUCN], the world’s largest environmental protection organization, gave a special lecture on “Increase in Climate Disasters and Establishment of Global Partnership.” The forum presenters were Paul Wilcox, Russia-Mongolia Country Director, Northeast Asia Policy Division, United States Pacific Command Headquarters; Ahmed Mushrif Abdul-hameed, President of the United Iraqi Medical Society [UIMS]; Ayman Riyadh Al Mufleh, Secretary General of Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization [JHCO]; and Kim Joo-cheol, Vice-chairman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation.

Director Wilcox emphasized the need to cooperate in helping “global friends” by speaking about his relief operations during the Japanese tsunami when he was in the Pacific Command. Abdul-hameed the President of UIMS, and Al Mufleh the Secretary General of JHCO presented on their relief efforts and the cases of their international cooperation. Kim Joo-cheol the Vice-chairman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation summarized the current situation, where natural disasters and man-made disasters occurring around the world, and emphasized that governments and civil society organizations should cooperate with each other in order to relieve victims’ suffering. In particular, he emphasized that non-government organization [NGO] should act right away rather than sticking to policy review as NGO may indicate “Now GO.”

After presentations, Lee Hye-kyung the professor at the Natural Science College of the Ewha Womans University moderated panel discussions and time for questions and answers. Showing fervent interest, participants searched together for practical action plans for relief efforts that can be done right away when disasters increase rapidly.

Elias Javier Caicedo Alegria (Physician), Head of Surveillance and Sanitary Control of DPSE-MSP, Ecuador said, “When there was a great earthquake in my country, the WeLoveU carried out relief and recovery efforts with a mother’s heart and the victims were greatly encouraged.” He added, “I hope that today’s participants, especially the young college students, will become a hot ember to cooperate for the international relief efforts and to unite the whole world.” Vanitha Jacob Deepak the Head Mistress of Chrysalis High School in Bangalore, India, mentioned the relief efforts of the WeLoveU members against flood in Kerala, India. “When a disaster occurs, the reaction of the government is very slow. Nearby neighbors (volunteers) should go and help quickly. As disasters are mainly caused by people, it should be people that help the victims ,” she said.

On this day, the WeLoveU signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization [JHCO] and with the United Iraqi Medical Society [UIMS] for humanitarian aid cooperation. These groups have already worked for relief efforts with the WeLoveU to help the Syrian war refugees and internally displaced persons due to the civil war in Iraq. They are now cooperating with international organizations such as the World Health Organization [WHO], the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees [UNHCR], United Nations Children’s Fund [UNICEF], and United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] through diverse support program, and so they are expected to be good partners for the humanitarian relief activities of the WeLoveU, which provides the quickest and most practical help to victims and refugees with a mother’s heart.