Mongdol (meaning small pebbles in Korean) beach restored its beauty through the efforts of the members

On September 3, a week later after the typhoon Bolaven caused tremendous damage, around 120 members of the WeLoveU Foundation Jeju Branch went to Aljakji Beach in Naedo ward, Jeju city, and cleaned the area affected by the typhoon Bolaven. Aljakji Beach is famous for its small pebbles called Mongdol in Korea, and this is only in the whole Jeju Island. The beach that had kept attracting tourists for its clear and beautiful sound produced by colorful pebbles when they are swept away by the waves became the heap of garbage and leaves after the typhoon left.

The members shouted, “Let’s clean the world with the heart of a mother!” and started to collect leaves and garbage in burlap sacks. The Mayor of Jeju City, Kim Sang-oh, also participated in the cleanup. He encouraged the members, saying, “The members from the WeLoveU Foundation took the lead in cleaning the typhoon damaged area. Thanks you very much.”

The members even picked up the leaves between pebbles that they were apt to overlook. For about two hours, the members collected 1,200 burlap sacks while walking through 100 meters of seashore. When the female adult members lined up and passed the burlap sacks one by one, the male adult members carried it to the yard across the beach. When they moved all 1,200 sacks, their faces were soaked with sweat. The members wore a bright smile and said, “Seeing the beach became clean after our efforts, we feel that even our hearts became clean.”

Aljakji Mongdol Beach in Naedo ward regained its previous form soon after the members’ cleanup. The pebbles, which would make the tourists’ heart flutter with joy, gleamed in the sunlight again.