Nepalese students’ dream put in their new schoolbags

In Nepal, there live pure and warmhearted people like Koreans living in mountain villages. The happiness of Nepalese people is the highest of all, even despite their economic difficulties. To add more happiness to them, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundaiton visited the Shree Basbari Secondary School, bearing special gifts.

The Shree Basbari Public School, which is located in the suburbs of the capital city Kathmandu, Nepal, consists of 750 students from the 1st grade to the 10th grade. While the private schools are supported by their private foundations or particular organizations, the public schools are run by the government in poor educational environments, financial difficulties and a lack of facilities. On September 21, 2008, when Kim Joo-cheol, Director of the WeLoveU, and other members arrived at the school in the afternoon, the students welcomed them with a big round of applause, standing along the corridor.

Their joy for the new schoolbags was more than what was expected. Many of the students carried their books and belongings in big vinyl bags, so the schoolbags were the most precious gift for them. From the 1st grade to 10th, each student received a schoolbag and said delightedly, “It’s my first time to receive this kind of gift.” The older students expressed their gratitude, saying, “I’m very happy to see the younger students so happy.”

“We’ve received a big gift from Korean guests. This kind of gift given to us is the first we’ve ever had since the school was established. Not only students but also teachers are so happy, and especially the students who come to school without schoolbags because of their financial difficulties are most excited.”

Principal Raxmi Prasad Bandari sincerely showed his appreciation for the WeLoveU’s consideration towards the students, and wished IWF to prosper. He said that Nepal was now undergoing a convulsion of the political situation and that there were many difficulties because of the political instability. However, he expected that good results would bring out if more support was given to the public schools, because students were studying hard even in these unfavorable conditions.

The students kept repeating the name of the “Intl. WeLoveU Foundation” written on the blackboard, and nodding, hearing that the purpose of the WeLoveU was to “deliver a mother’s love to the world.” The school had no good playground and the crowded classrooms only had iron desks and chairs. It was like that of Korea several decades ago. However the WeLoveU directors and members were able to read the future of Nepal from the sincere eyes of the students studying hard with gratitude and pure minds.