The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, that has supported children’s dreams and hopes throughout the world, also helped to improve the educational environment for youths in India.

On February 22, 35 members visited Pemparthy Govt School in Warangal to deliver four cabinets, ten LED fluorescent lamps, a hundred bags, and a hundred bottles of water to all students. They painted the exterior walls of the school, removed weeds, and cleaned every corner of the classroom. They also reached out their careful hands to the beautification of the environment both inside and outside the school.

“Many volunteer groups have come and gone, but there have not been any organizations that have done the environmental beautification like the WeLoveU. I was even more surprised and impressed by all the members’ participation with smiles,” said a school official.

Students who received a hearty gift at the decorated school responded with a bright smile.

On the 26th, they visited Harihana Wada School in Narsingi. 

Donated two hundred textbooks, fifty backpacks, fifty notebooks, and fifty sets of colored pencils to students. They also installed two bookcases, two electric fans, and eight fluorescent lights. 

Seeing the children’s smiles, the WeLoveU members spoke of their wish with the heart of a mother.

“Children are our future. We hope that they study hard with hope and dream in a pleasant environment.”