Fatima Ahsan Ava from Bangladesh has been suffering from a rare and intractable cerebrovascular disease since one and half years ago. There is no cure or treatment for this disease in Bangladesh. So, Fatima and her family flew to Korea for her treatment of Moyamoya disease in February this year.

Moyamoya disease is a disorder in which certain arteries at the base of the brain are constricted and blood flow in the brain is blocked, causing cerebral infarction or hemorrhage. Once this disease occurs, it is categorized as a rare and intractable disease because its cause cannot be eliminated. If you have a brain hemorrhage frequently and neglect treatment, you can suffer a severe brain injury, which may result in cognitive disorder and permanent damage.

In case of Fatima, her brain injury had progressed a lot. After entering Korea, she had an operation. However, her second operation was postponed because her family had a financial difficulty and her condition got worse. So, her family was burdened to pay for her medical treatment and suffered more financial difficulty as they stayed longer in Korea.

The WeLoveU offered the medical expense and hope as well to Fatima. Her father said, “We’ve received not only medical expensive but also emotional help. I truly thank you for helping my loving daughter. When I had no one to lean on in Korea, I could find the way to save my daughter through the help from the WeLoveU. I thank the chairwoman and all the WeLoveU members.”

Fatima’s surgery was successful. After surgery, we visited her and presented books where she can draw pictures; she loves reading and drawing. Fatima said to us in a little voice, “Thank you.”