Donation ceremony at “Kiev City Center for the Support of Anti-terrorist Operation”

The number of soldiers who participated in the Ukraine civil war for the past five years since 2014 reaches up to 200,000. Most of the participants of the civil war have an urgent need of care for their injuries and psychotherapy, because they are suffering from physical injuries from airplane bombing or explosion and also from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] from the noise of explosion. What is the most urgent need that the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation can offer for Ukraine?

The City Center for the Support of Anti-terrorist Operation is suffering from severe shortage of budget since they are operated autonomously by each city, province, borough, not by the government.

Kiev City Center for the Support of Anti-Terrorist Operation which is located in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, is one of the centers that give active aid, but it is still suffering from shortage of budget. After supporting the deceased’s families who have top priority to receive support, other injured war participants or participants’ families can hardly receive treatment. The injured soldiers can receive free treatment at the national military hospital, but the family members of the injured soldiers are alienated unless they can receive help from the city centers. For this, the WeLoveU decided to offer medicine, medical supplies, and medical expenses to share hope with the families of the Ukraine civil war participants at the Kiev City Center for the Support of Anti-Terrorist Operation.

On Aug. 17, the WeLoveU’s donation ceremony was held at Kiev City Center to support four war participants’ families with medical expenses. Once a head of household is injured in war, it is hard for him to support his family. That is why the WeLoveU donated medicine, medical supplies, and medical expenses to the family members of injured war participants who have a hard time even living a normal life.

The first beneficiary was a war participant’s son who is suffering from microsomia and needs to receive hormone injections for several years. The WeLoveU offered him a set of Genotropin pens—instrument to inject growth hormone, which are hard to purchase. The second beneficiary was a participant’s spouse suffering from a cancer recurrence. The WeLoveU offered chemotherapy expenses, hospital expenses, and MRI costs to her. The third beneficiary was a mother and a son who were suffering from the pain in their spines and from discs even after several surgeries due to a car accident. The WeLoveU offered medical costs to a spine correction center for them to receive treatment, and they are currently under treatment.

Pyshnyoha Nataliia Victorivna, the person in charge of medical support at Kiev City Center for the Support of Anti-Terrorist Operation, said, “It’s very difficult to support the war participants with the budget we get from the city. To us, even a few coins have great significance. Thank you so much for helping Ukraine war participants’ families.”

Shypko Oleg, a civil war participant and a head of household, said, “I was so heartbroken because my wife and my son got in a car accident. My son got severely injured on his head, so he had surgeries about twenty times. We went to many different hospitals, but many of them gave us a misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. I truly appreciate the WeLoveU’s help for us.”

It was the first time for the WeLoveU to help Ukraine, and it was to offer medicine, medical supplies, and medical expenses to the beneficiaries. In Ukraine, not all injured people can receive treatment even if they can afford treatment; some cannot receive treatment even if they have money due to the lack of medical skills. Expectations are high on the directions that the WeLoveU is heading for its humanitarian aid for Ukraine civil war.