There was so much garbage everywhere.
The earth is suffering from trash pollution, land pollution, ocean pollution, and air pollution.

Let’s walk together for the clean earth!
The plogging challenge is a new trend for keeping fitness and a clean environment!

The participation of one person in this challenge helps to reduce CO₂ by 150g.

You can do it alone or with family and friends.
You can be healthy and save the environment!

The plogging challenge hosted by WeLoveU

1. Please participate once a month.
2. Take a photo of yourself while participating in the challenge.
3. Upload your photo(s) to social media with the name of your country and
a few words about how you feel about participating in the challenge or email it to

*When sending an e-mail, please write the phrase “You may introduce the post,” the name of the applicant, and the contact information.
*Include the hashtags
#PloggingChallenge #CleanAction  #InternationalWeLoveU