The donated goods will be of great help to the citizens of Laos, suffering from this COVID-19 pandemic.
I’m sincerely grateful to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (from Korea) for the donated goods.
– Somgit, First Director of the Disease Control and Prevention Agency of the Ministry of Health and Welfare

The donated goods from the WeLoveU will be of great help in overcoming this serious crisis and for improving the health of the citizens of Ecuador.
I pay tribute to the WeLoveU on behalf of the government of Ecuador, and we would like to continue this good relationship with the WeLoveU.
– Johnny Reinoso, Ecuadorian Ambassador, Chief of Mission

Laos and Ecuador were short of medical equipments for combating COVID-19, so Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah who takes care of all global villagers as if they are part of her family donated face masks and test kits to Laos and Ecuador.

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