About 4.8 billion tons of greenhouse gas emitted per year from vehicles around the world As a result, environmental pollution is getting worse.

Why don’t you walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car a short distance?
Join WeLoveU’s Walk and Ride Challenge!

You can improve your health, reduce CO2, and save the environment!
Let’s all participate in the Walk and Ride Challenge and save the environment together!

How to Participate in the Walk and Ride Challenge
1. Walk or ride a bicycle to places you used to drive to (within 4km or 2.5 mi) (at least once a week).
2. Take a photo of yourself while participating in the challenge.
3. Upload your photo(s) to social media with name of country and a few words about how you feel participating in the challenge or email it to cleanaction@intlweloveu.org

Include the hashtags #WalkandRide #CleanAction #InternationalWeLoveU