The Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah donated food kits to underprivileged families who are spending the New Year’s holiday by themselves due to COVID-19.
In the hopes that everyone can greet the New Year’s with happiness and no one feels lonely, the International WeLoveU Foundation donated 1,400 food kits to underprivileged families.

I deeply thank the Chairwoman of the International WeLoveU Foundation
and its volunteers for once again helping us this year.
-Kim Do-yoon, Chief of Sinheung-dong Welfare Center, Incheon

These food kits will be delivered to our neighbors who live by themselves.
And they receive less care and attention
from their neighbors due to the COVID-19.
At times like this, we would like to thank the WeLoveU Foundation
for allowing them to feel warm neighborly love through these food kits.
Thank you so much.
-Lim Yoo-jeong, Director of Welfare and Cooperation Division, Suwon City Hall

No one visits me.
So I am thankful that you paid me a visit. I will enjoy this food.
Thank you to the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU Foundation.
Thank you for remembering me who lives in an isolated area.
I will receive this well. Thank you.

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