Library renovated, cheering for dreams and future

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation donated 807 books and 12 bookshelves to Lycee d’etat Charles Mefane High School in Lambaréné located in the western region of Gabon. In last December, the WeLoveU donated 200 reference books and dictionaries to a high school in Libreville, and now supported the local high school students for education.

The classes have been carried out with printouts since most students among 3,000 students of Lycee d’etat Charles Mefane High School don’t have textbooks to say nothing of reference books. It is because reference books are expensive and it is hard even to buy a book since there is no bookstore nearby. The library had some old books, published decades ago, left on the floor as if time had stopped there.

In this age when so much information is poured out even in one year, the WeLoveU decided to donate 807 books for the education and future of the students. The members purchased textbooks for every subject, newly published reference books, and various kinds of classical and modern novels, and carried them to the library. They also prepared 12 bookshelves where they can put 200 to 300 books.

About 200 students participated in the donation ceremony held on May 7, 2018. It was almost like a local festival as tens of high-ranking officials including Governor of Ogooúe, State School Superintendent, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly, and Mayor of Lambaréné, and principals from nearby schools attended it. ‘Gabon TV’ the main channel of Gabon, and Gabon’s No. 1 Newspaper ‘L’UNION’ were enthusiastic to cover the story.

Michel Ngueba Koumba, Governor of Ogooúe, who participated in the donation ceremony, expressed gratitude, saying, “I’m so happy and excited. I hope and cheer for the WeLoveU to be always beside us and think about our underprivileged people in this country.”

Roger Valère Ayimambenwe, Mayor of Lambaréné, stated in his speech, “Education is an important field that must be put into consideration all over the world for children and for the future of a nation,” and he added, “This kind of volunteer service must be encouraged for constant cooperation of Lambaréné and the WeLoveU.”

The WeLoveU officials wished the students to share the love they’d received with others and grow up to be great and warmhearted people. The WeLoveU is going to deliver dreams and hope to the students through diverse services, arousing governments and citizens’ interest in education.

Meanwhile, Lycee d’etat Charles Mefane High School opened the renovated library not only to its students, but also to students and teachers of nearby schools.