Busan Branch of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation invited 250 multicultural family members, promoting Korean culture & love

The biggest Korean national feast, Chuseok, is the day when the immigrant women of multicultural families who have left their homes feel more homesick. In order to inform Korean culture and deliver a mother’s love to them who have difficulties with the language gap and cultural differences, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation threw a Korean culture experience event a few days before Chuseok Feast at Busan Indonesia Center at 11 A.M. on September 9.

This event was conducted by Busan Branch of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, and supported by Indonesia Consulate in Korea. About 250 multicultural family members from Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam and China and about 100 volunteer members from the Foundation participated in this event. Chairperson Kim Yeong-do from Busan Branch of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Korea Kim Su-il (Professor of Busan University of Foreign Studies), Chairperson Han Sang-mok from Busan Buk-gu Support Center for Multicultural Families, and local councilors joined together.

At the opening ceremony, Honorary Consul Kim Su-il said, “Multicultural families are our neighbors and our family. In Korean society, mutual respect is needed to help them retain their own cultures.” He gave thanks to the Foundation who had taken an important role in spreading the culture of mutual respect. Mayor of Busan City Huh Nam-sik sent a congratulatory telegram reading, “I give thanks to the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation who conducted this event, and I hope that the event will become the cornerstone for the stable settlement of multicultural families and coexistent community.”

After the opening ceremony, about 20 members of the Foundation showed classical music, popular music and chamber music performances. Just like multicultural families mingled with different cultures, harmonious melody made by various musical instruments brought an acclamation and applaud from the audience.

At the luncheon, multicultural families tasted Korean friendliness thanks to the feast food that the members had prepared wholeheartedly. In the afternoon, they tried on Hanbok [Korean traditional costume], and experienced making Songpyeon [stuffed rice cake]. Playing various traditional games like Jae-ki-cha-gi [Korean shuttlecock], neolttwigi [Korean jumping game similar to see-sawing], tuho [Korean traditional arrow-throwing game], etc., at the outside of the building, they also had a time to understand Korean culture.

Maylyne, 25, from the Philippine, did not conceal her excitement, saying, “I’m so happy to have delicious food, meet many foreign friends, and experience Korean culture.” A Vietamese, Nguyen Thi Lanh, 25, who took part in the event by an acquaintance’s introduction, said, “Tasty food and beautiful music performance gave me much comfort.” Kim Hyang-ran, 36, from China, who came with her mother, made a big smile, saying, “I thank the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU Foundation and the members for delivering a mother’s love with various events just as my own mother prepares food and welcomes me when I go home.”

The husbands of multicultural families were pleased that an opportunity to experience Korean culture was given to their wives who had felt unfamiliar to Korean culture even though they had lived for years. Lee Seok-min, 40, said, “I’ve come here with my family, hoping my wife and two daughters will understand Korean culture.” And he added, “I hope that the WeLoveU Foundation will continue to play a mentor’s role for multicultural families to understand Korean life and culture and get settled.” A volunteer Jeong Mi-ae, 45, from Myeongjang-dong, said that she knew well the difficulties of multicultural families due to her sister-in–law from Vietnam. She added, “I took part in the volunteer activity because I want to console their hearts first and share love with them. Seeing everyone so pleased, I feel worthwhile.”

Finishing the event, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation said that it would make a constant effort to reduce the prejudice and the sense of difference toward the multicultural families, and to help them feel Korea as their second home country. The multicultural families returned home with smiles on their faces. They experienced Korean friendliness and received heart-warming presents in addition to the gift pack in their hands.