Offering heaters and blankets to 275 households in preparation of winter cold 

The season of sub-zero temperatures has arrived in Jordan, which is one of refugee-hosting countries in the Middle East. Among 760,000 refugees in Jordan, over 660,000 are Syrian. The majority of the Syrian refugees, who have come to Jordan to escape their nine-year civil war, spend a cold winter in temporary shelters or lodgings without heating facilities. The vulnerable groups in Jordon, who are economically damaged due to the Syrian civil war, are in similar situations.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation decided to work in cooperation with Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization [JHCO], a non-profit relief organization that manages all assistance for Syrian refugees in Jordan. The WeLoveU Foundation began to assist Syrian refugees in cooperation with JHCO in 2017, and signed an MOU at Save the World Global Forum 2018 for providing humanitarian support.

On November 27, WeLoveU donated 20,000 USD to JHCO for Jordanian neighbors to have a warm winter, and JHCO prepared goods with the donated fund. On December 18, winter clothing donation ceremony was held in Aqraba Charitable Society in Amman the capital city. WeLoveU branch manager in Jordan and a JHCO official offered one oil stove and two blankets to each of 83 Syrian refugee households and 55 vulnerable households in Amman.

On the 19th, another donation ceremony was held at Ein Albasha Orphans Charitable Society located in the State of Balqa, and relief goods were delivered to 82 refugee households and 55 vulnerable groups. As a whole, 275 heaters and 550 blankets were delivered to 275 households.

WeLoveU’s help relieved the old worries of the neighbors who were troubled every year due to cold weather. Ahmed, who was supplied with goods, said, “I’m so thankful that I can live in a warm house without worrying about smoke or fire break out. I’m so happy. I’m really grateful to the WeLoveU Foundation for the goods and their warmheartedness as well. WeLoveU has brought warmth, bright smiles, and joy to our children.”