Making a donation of USD 20,000 to UIMS and facilitating provision of health and medical care

The Iraqi government officially declared victory on the civil war against the Islamic State [IS] rebels. Although much time has passed by since then, the scars from the heavy war do not heal. The refugee camps are still crowded, and those who narrowly managed to return to their hometown get financially distressed. Particularly, a number of health care facilities still remain ruined, and as a result, many people fail to receive proper medical care.

On August 26, 2019, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation made a donation of USD 20,000 to a non-governmental organization, the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development [UIMS], in order to support the poor medical facilities. The UIMS signed an MOU with the WeLoveU Foundation in 2018, and it is running health care centers in various places, including refugee camps, in cooperation with the Department of Health of Iraq. The WeLoveU previously provided medical supplies to the local areas through the same organization before the civil war ended.

With help from the WeLoveU, the UIMS was able to provide medical support to more areas where there are no health clinics; it has established mobile primary health care clinics at Airstrip Camp in Qayyara, Nineveh, and in Ana, Anbar. Medical teams from the government and local municipalities were dispatched to the two newly established health care clinics, and they operated a checkup room, doctor’s office, and pharmacist’s office. For two months from September 1, 16,000 people, 80% of the local residents, visited the health care clinics and received treatment and health counseling.

Younis Ahmed Majeed, who stays in Qayyara, expressed gratitude to the WeLoveU, saying, “It was extremely difficult to get medicines because we had to travel a long distance to get to a hospital, but now we can get access to a health clinic equipped with all kinds of medical services.” Balkes Majeed Salih, a doctor who worked in the health clinic located in the same area, emphasized the necessity of constant support to operate the health clinic, saying, “Every day, about 200–250 patients received treatment.”

The global village is suffering from conflicts of ideologies and interests. The pain of our neighbors across the border is still ongoing. With the heart of a mother who is a peace maker of her family, the WeLoveU will continue to provide humanitarian support to heal the wounds of global villagers.