Giving courage and hope to the protagonists of the future

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation donated 200 books to Jean Hilaire Aubame Eyeghe High School in Gabon.

Reference books and dictionaries are very valuable for students of the school with poor economic conditions. A reference book usually costs 15,000–20,000 CFA francs ($ 26–36). It is too expensive for most students who buy 200 franc bread for a meal. Due to poor financial situation, the school made handouts in black and white for teaching the students without reference books or dictionaries.

The donated books include 150 reference books for 10 major subjects such as English, mathematics, and history, and 50 books on languages and humanities. These books are very useful gifts to high school seniors who are preparing for college entrance exams only with handouts.

At 11:00 a.m. (local time) on December 14, a donation ceremony was held with over 200 attendees including the teachers and students in the school auditorium. The auditorium was full of reporters from Gabon TV, the main channel of Gabon, and from newspapers as well as students and teachers. The event started in a calm atmosphere but grew lively more and more. When the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation donated the books along with candy necklaces to five student representatives, the place was full of laughter.

“Even 10 books give great strength and courage to students,” said Principal Odette Mbira, expressing his gratitude to the WeLoveU. “This donation is made at a very timely point, so students can better prepare for college entrance exam. The WeLoveU gave a big help when many students cannot buy even textbooks,” he added.

The WeLoveU said, “We’d like to convey the message of joy, sharing, and hope to the students. We hope that the students will study hard and become great people without giving up in their present difficulties.”

There was also a time for the students to shake off academic stress for a while. Watching a short-play and pop songs the school prepared and the WeLoveU’s performance, the attendees were all smiles. The “WeLoveU” message for the students and teachers doubled their impressions.

On December 16, this book donation was introduced on seven pages of the Newspaper L’UNION in Gabon. The gist of the report is that the WeLoveU has planted courage and hope in the hearts of the students studying in difficult circumstances.

On March 13, the WeLoveU has donated 200 sets of desk and chair to Jean Hilaire Aubame Eyeghe Middle School which is near to this school. After the WeLoveU’s donation, the Gabonese government additionally supported 1,000 sets of desk and chair for most of the middle and high schools in Libreville. On the day of donation, the Ministry of Education, which had promised to donate 100 sets of desk and chair to local schools, greatly increased the quantity of donation. It is analyzed that the government took the WeLoveU’s activities for the welfare of students as meaningful.

“We hope that this donation of 200 books will be a catalyst for the interest and support of the government and local governments. We will keep taking care of the marginalized people in the community,” said the WeLoveU.