"We'd like to console your loneliness, too."

On the New Year’s Day when we miss the cozy fence of family, there are some people who greet the holiday with more chilly mind than the winter because they have no family to be with. To the disabled senior citizens living lonely lives by the financial difficulties and unconcern, the holiday is more painful for their disability.

On January 25 prior to the New Year’s Day, the New Life Welfare Foundation members unfolded warm love toward the senior citizens who were waiting for the heartfull hands. Wishing them to have hopeful New Year, the members came out to offer free haircuts to senior citizens having no place to turn to in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, and Songpa-gu in Seoul, Korea.

6 volunteers formed three teams of two people and gathered early in the morning. Each team went up the steep hills to arrive at the house of seniors informed by the dong office because they decided to personally visit the seniors who are uncomfortable in walking.

The elderly woman Sa Jeong-sun who moved to Seongnam 4 month ago, normally stays at home because her health got worse after she fell down twice by the cerebral hemorrhage. To her TV is the only friend except the employee from the dong office, who stops by occasionally. Welcoming the volunteers sincerely, she grabs the hands and lead them to the warmer part of the ondol room. “Do you want me to sit on the chair or on the floor? The elderly woman asks the volunteers with careful concern so that they can work easily. The volunteers are moved by her kindness. While she has her hair permed, the members massage her and feed her with tangerine and candy. She is also moved by their careful consideration and replies that she has wanted those stuffs because her mouth got dry. She adds that she will miss the kindness of the members whenever she has candy.

Next to the elderly woman Jeong Jeong-suk who had been on bed for 8 month after she collapsed by the complication of diabetes was there an elderly Park Sang-gil. He looked happy to see the volunteers.

She had her hair grow for 8 month without any treatment because the beauty artist on-call avoided coming her home and cut hair saying she was busy. She was eagerly waiting for the hands of the volunteers because she couldn’t move her body at all. The New Life Welfare Foundation members are rewarded by the fact itself that they can offer practical help to the neighbors in need, whom no one cares for. Rather they show thanks to the elders for giving them a chance to serve.

Looking at the volunteers cut hair of the elderly woman lying on bed because of her illness, the elderly man is relieved and shows thanks to them.

One elderly woman with the name Son Che-rye, which sounds like a virgin in Korean, is very pleased to find herself to be changed into as young as a virgin like her name. She tightly hugs each member regretting a farewell and asks the members to mark “New Life Welfare Foundation” on her calendar so that she won’t forget them. Both she and the members, who shared love for short time wet their eyes with tear.

The elderly woman Lee Sun-geum lost her husband three years ago and lives alone. However she looks energetic unlike her age, over 80 years old. Owing to her who tries to live happily with positive mind, the laughter doesn’t stop during the service in the room. “Thank you for offering service to this old woman. I really appreciate it because I planned to perm near future. May you stay healthy and be blessed by doing better for the New Year.” Like her well-wishing remarks, the members shared their resolution to be the deliverer of love and hope to the neighbors in great need for the New Year even though love is fading away in this harsh world.

The elder Yun Mun-chang was fixing the lunch for himself because his wife went to hospital to attend her sick son. As the volunteers cut hair of him and long-white beard as well with caring hands, he was very pleased, saying he looks 20-30 years younger than before.

The walk of the New Life Welfare Foundation members reached to the Macheon-dong, Seoul because such an elder like Kim Yeong-rae waited for the volunteers without sleeping when he heard their visit. He was healthy before he underwent medical accident and became hemiplegic. Now he is steadily recovering through exercises. He burst into cry when he was reminded of his sick body because he couldn’t oppress his grief. The volunteers wiped his tears and consoled him as well, while cutting his hair. Even late at night, the members didn’t look weary but rather were pleased to serve for the elders.

Some members who came out for the service first time said they undertook the service with the respectful mind to the elders after they listened to the story about them in need. Looking at the elders who were so pleased hands in hands with the members, the members wanted to console the lonely heart of them more and more. They made up their mind to look after the lives of the neighbors in need around them, not thinking of their own family only. Although the sun was fading away so soon, the heart of the New Life Welfare Foundation members sprouted with the will of warm service and smiled brightly.