New Hope Sprouted by the Love for Neighbors

By the “sudden heavy snow in 100 years,” cattle sheds and vinyl houses fell down. It resulted in about 14 billion won [equivalent to 14 million USD] worth of damage.

On March 22 (Monday), the New Life Welfare Foundation visited the office of Okcheon county to help the farmers in great despair by the unexpected disaster.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah delivered the 15 million won [equivalent to 15,000 USD] worth of Gift Certificates and comforted the county officials for their toil, who were busy restoring the damage.

The Head of Okcheon County Yu Bong-yeol welcomed Chairwoman and the accompanied members and expressed thanks repeatedly, saying, “Thank you very much for offering great help when we didn’t know what to do. This was the disaster that we faced for the first time.” Okcheon is famous for grapes. However, the farmers face difficulties whenever a sudden natural disaster hit their farms because most of them are of old age.

The New Life Welfare Foundation promised to help them wholeheartedly whenever they needed help with fund, relief goods, relief efforts and so on. We hope that the farmers would stand again with a new hope through the devotional help of the members.