Schools where all the teachers and students are happy

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation newly established a library in Asunción Amatepe Primary School through the WeLoveU branch in San Salvador, El Salvador.
The students of Asunción Amatepe Primary School are taking great delight in the books donated from the WeLoveU in the newly decorated library.

The schools located in the mountainous regions of El Salvador do not have enough teaching staff in comparison to the number of students, and they lack academic resources. The Ministry of Education plans to support those schools, but they are located too far away to receive any practical support.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has been supporting schools that are located in remote areas by establishing a library since 2018 in partnership with the Department of Education in El Salvador. In January 2019, the WeLoveU decided to help four primary schools on the outskirts of La Unión, San Vicente, La Paz, and Usulután.

The four primary schools each named, “El Rosario,” “Caserio Zope,” “Los Horcones,” and “Asuncion Amatepe” are small sized schools located either far away from cities or in mountainous regions. They were selected for receiving support from the WeLoveU. In each of the four schools, about one to three teachers were teaching scores of students of different grades. As we all know, one teacher cannot simultaneously teach all students of different grades; so this led to students’ missing classes and deterioration of the quality of education.

The WeLoveU decided to provide a library in each of the four schools and donate books and school supplies for the students to meaningfully spend their break time, studying by themselves. On June 6, the members purchased some timbers to make bookshelves and desks that would be placed in the new libraries. Afterwards, from June 16 to July 5, a total of eight WeLoveU members visited each school and manufactured furniture, and remodeled the empty space and rooms that were used for storage as libraries.

On June 24, WeLoveU members purchased various goods to provide each school with learning materials, storybooks, printers, beam projectors, etc. For Los Horcones Primary School where the water ran for only two hours a day, the WeLoveU decided to donate installation expenses for water tanks where drinkable water can be stored.

On July 10, the ceremony for opening a library and donating educational equipment were held at El Rosario Primary School located in Santa Clara, San Vicente. Five WeLoveU members visited the school and offered printers, printing papers, and speakers along with books. On the same day, they also visited Caserío Zope Primary School in Nueva Granada, Usulután, and donated books and beam projects for use in classrooms.

Two days later on the 12th, the ceremony for opening the library and donating water tanks was held at Los Horcones Primary School in Pasaquina, La Unión. WeLoveU members delivered books to the school, and had a tape cutting ceremony in celebration of installing a water tank together with the students. Telma Lainez, the School Principal, said, “I’m so grateful to the WeLoveU for providing a library, an important cornerstone of education, and donating a water tank for students to freely enjoy water.”

On the 15th, WeLoveU donated books, white boards, and four new electric fans to Asunción Amatepe Primary School in El Rosario, La Paz. Blanca Ramos, the School Principal, expressed gratitude to the WeLoveU, saying, “The school was in dire need of a library. Now the teachers can teach the students better than before, and the students can broaden their knowledge through reading more books.”

Officials from the education office who participated in the opening ceremony said, “It must really have been tough for one teacher to teach scores of students. The newly opened library and the donated books will be of great help to them all.” Los Horcones Primary School, Asunción Amatepe Primary School, and the Ministry of Education each presented a certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU.

Thanks to the support from the WeLoveU, the unused space has become a refreshing place of reading books, and the students’ joy of learning has doubled as well. The teachers can also smoothly proceed with giving class now that the necessary supplies for education have been provided. The WeLoveU will continue to carry out volunteer services to set up a happy place of learning for every teacher and student.