Siranchowk region of Gorkha, Gandaki Province, Nepal.
A car loaded with many supplies, struggles to climb a winding mountain path.
The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation members in Nepal wholeheartedly prepared
educational supplies and are bringing them to Shree Chitre Pokhari Secondary School.

They drove on unpaved roads, passed through a stream and a deep valley, and finally
arrived at a small town where the school was located five hours after departure.

In the school field, teachers, students, local government officials, parents, and villagers
gathered together to join the school supplies donation ceremony.

The school is located in one of the most remote areas in Gorkha.
Most children do not wear school uniform sweaters and go to school without their schoolbags. Even the teachers are having a difficult time in class without enough educational materials.

On September 4, the WeLoveU delivered the educational supplies
that were loaded in the car to 130 students.
All the children received school uniform sweaters and schoolbags.
In the school, a large television was installed for audio-visual education,
and bookshelves and about a hundred books were also provided.

The teachers were pleased to be able to provide quality education to the students
with the help of the WeLoveU. Principal Sangita Dhakal expressed her gratitude, saying, “The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation reached out their hands to help this area, which is going through hardships.”

On that day, the school sincerely thanked the WeLoveU for the donation of educational supplies. Sangita Dhakal the Principal, Gyanendra Gurung the Chairperson at Siranchowk Rural Municipality, and Prakash Gurung the Head of School Governing Board signed the letter of certificate of appreciation, and it was given to the WeLoveU.

The WeLoveU will run on the winding mountain paths again and again as long as it can support the children’s dreams, wishing that their hearts will be filled with hope.