Book Donation to the Santo Domingo Municipal Library in Ecuador

WeLoveU recently made a donation of 174 children’s books to the Santo Domingo Municipal Library.

As the exclusive library in Santo Domingo City, financial constraints had hindered the acquisition of books tailored for a younger audience, leading to frequent disappointments for children visiting the library.

Recognizing this need, WeLoveU took the initiative to support the library, ensuring that children could engage in joyful and educational reading experiences.

On September 24, a book donation ceremony took place at the Santo Domingo Municipal Library. Attendees included the Santo Domingo City Superintendent of Education, the Library Director, as well as the teachers and students from nearby schools. Municipal councilors and officials were also present, expressing their gratitude for the generous support of WeLoveU. The event was highlighted by diverse festivities, including performances by a city band and captivating puppet shows, creating a lively festival-like atmosphere.

Mayor Wilson Erazo Argoti conveyed gratitude on behalf of the city, presenting a letter of appreciation to WeLoveU through a municipal councilor who attended the event for their significant contribution and support in the intellectual development of children and youth. Additionally, a commemorative plaque acknowledging WeLoveU’s book donation was placed at the library entrance.

Piedad Alarcón, Library Director and Director of Arts and Culture at Municipality

“Warm Greetings From Santo Domingo:
I extend my sincere thanks and utmost respect to the WeLoveU Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah for the invaluable donation of books, which holds great significance for our citizens. I believe the library will be beneficial not only for children but also for adults who have missed opportunities for education, and many will visit this place. I wish your humanitarian management continue to prosper.”

Piedad Alarcón, Library Director and Director of Arts and Culture at Municipality

Children attending the ceremony immersed themselves in the enchanting world of books, embracing the opportunity to read and explore. WeLoveU members expressed their heartfelt wish that through reading books, children would expand their knowledge and grow into wise and healthy individuals.