Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’ consolation to the victims

Last July, the southwestern region of Japan suffered a great damage of human life and property due to heavy rains. It is rare for Japan to suffer such massive damage due to heavy rains. Japan set up a government-led disaster countermeasure headquarters, but much help was needed for rescue operations.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation headed to the Kurashiki, the most affected area to help the victims. More than 4,600 houses in Kurashiki were submerged in water, and despite two months of recovery work, its progression was slow. On August 30, 65 members from Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Saitama cleaned up the shelters (toilets, stairs, floors, fluorescent lamps, etc.) that were not properly managed for two months for the health and hygiene of the victims. They also provided relief supplies for the victims (wipes, disinfection alcohol, functional pillows, toilet paper, etc.).

In addition, the members of WeLoveU consoled the disaster victims who were grieving and encouraged them with words, “The whole nation is gathering hearts for this national disaster. Please be strong.”

The WeLoveU has responded to various disasters all over the world and provided proper support.