WeLoveU members in Santiago, Chile, carefully inspect and purchase groceries.
This is a gift for the neighbors in Lo Prado, so they are carefully checking
the ingredients, expiration dates, and other details.

In collaboration with Lo Prado Municipality,
WeLoveU decided to assemble food boxes for 30 vulnerable households experiencing challenges in their daily lives due to the rapid increase in prices.

💞Preparing Food Boxes💞

A total of 16 items, including sugar, salt, jam, flour, pasta, rice, coffee, tea,
and various canned goods, were meticulously packed into large boxes
to create the food packages.

1. Purchasing groceries
2. Assembling food packages
3. Completing the packaging of food boxes
4. Transporting them to the delivery ceremony

💞Delivery Ceremony💞

On October 12, a delivery ceremony was held at the Lo Prado Municipality in Santiago.
Both WeLoveU members and the neighbors who received the gifts had smiles on their faces. The Mayor of Lo Prado, expressing gratitude for WeLoveU’s social welfare support, awarded it with the “Diploma of Honor” (Certificate of Commendation).

Members shouted “We love you!” to their neighbors, expressing their love and support.

Raul Medel Ortiz, Director of Community Development in the Municipality of Lo Prado

“Due to the unfavorable economic situation, the municipal office welcomes all forms of assistance. We express our gratitude to the WeLoveU Chairwoman and its members.
Your assistance will greatly benefit vulnerable households in the local community. Thirty boxes of groceries will provide assistance to over 120 people since each box can provide enough food for families to sustain themselves for a month. Your contributions and cooperation are highly valued, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration. Thank you for taking on such a significant task.”

Raul Medel Ortiz, Director of Community Development in the Municipality of Lo Prado

WeLoveU will continue to share love to warm the hearts of global neighbors.

“We love you!”