“We deliver the love of a mother!”

The consideration towards our neighbors in need is more precious in cold winter. On December 26, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which delivers the love of a mother throughout the world, visited Geoyeo-2 dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, to donate coal briquettes. Despite cold weather nearly -10℃ [14℉], about members of the WeLoveU Foundation delivered 10,000 coal briquettes to 100 households. The event was much more meaningful because six employees from a small company volunteered to support the donation. “We want to join in your donation of coal briquettes for our neighbors who are overwintering in difficult situations,” they said.

Shabby houses, which were needed to be rebuilt, were standing tight on a narrow alley. 250 households in this village were overwintering, depending on coal briquette boilers. “Thank you for helping our unprivileged neighbors in this hard time.” The Head of Geoyeo-2 dong Ward Office, Kim Eun-seop, encouraged the members and said, “Your warm-heartedness will be a great help for our neighbors to go through this winter.”

According to Cho Seong-yong (50), a coal briquette seller, many households set up coal briquette stoves instead of oil stoves this year because of the economic recession. And he said that senior citizens living alone and the households suffering from poverty used coal briquette and that his heart got warm when he saw volunteers delivering coal briquettes to those needy neighbors.

The neighbors, who got coal briquettes in their homes with the help of the foundation members, worried that the members might feel cold while delivering the coal briquettes in the cold weather, and appreciated their efforts. Lee Dal-ok (65) who had used a coal briquette boiler from three years ago because she couldn’t afford oil price, joyfully said, “Heating and eating are all important in winter, so coal briquettes are just as precious as food for me. As you helped me, now I feel safe.”

The coal briquettes, which are used to warm up a room, also warmed the hearts of the neighbors and the volunteers, who shared love with each other. In old days in Korea, when we came home after playing outside on a cold winter day, we could melt our frozen bodies in the warm Ondol rooms that were heated by our mother’s love. Being reminded of the memories, the foundation members hoped that our neighbors would have a warm winter through their small devotion and love.