Benin-Togo Chapters' Cooperation to Respond to COVID-19

Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia. Benin and Togo share a long border, and they face the Gulf of Guinea in Midwest Africa. They are close geographically and share similar history as well. Both countries became independent in 1960 after being colonized by the invasion of European countries. Their official language is French. Since they are also members of the Economic Community of West African States [ECWAS], certain areas are less strict in terms of sharing capital, labor, and services for economic activities.

The Benin-Togo chapters of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “WeLoveU”) frequently carry out cooperating activities. The members in both chapters unite together wherever or whoever they need to help, regardless of the border between these countries. It was the same with the response to COVID-19.

In Togo, the first confirmed case was reported on March 6 (local time) in the capital city of Lome, last year. Not long after, on March 16, the first confirmed case was also reported in Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin. Since Africa lacks facilities for treating infectious diseases and the medical environment is poor, it was most likely to spread to a big range within a short period of time.

The members of the Benin-Togo chapters devised a way to help the people before the two countries were unprotected from the pandemic, and they agreed to donate face masks and sanitary supplies to primary, middle and high schools, and child protection facilities with the cooperation of local organizations. That’s how the Benin-Togo’s united volunteer service began to respond to COVID-19.

Stop the Viruses by Wearing a Face Mask and Washing Hands in Daily Life

On November 5, last year, at the request of Togo Ministry of Land and, the two chapters donated 300 masks, 5 hand sanitizer dispensers, 10 liters of hand sanitizer, and groceries to Komah 2 Public Primary School and Komah Secondary School, and one child protection facility in Sokode City. This news was introduced in detail in the Journal CANAL D.

Moreover, on January 14, this year, they delivered 2,500 masks, 8 hand sanitizer dispensers, and 125 liters of hand sanitizer to Zedevi Primary School through the Aneho District Office in Lakes, Maritime, Togo. This story was covered and broadcast by Togo Television. The broadcast included donation and use of supplies, interviews with members, and shouting, “We love you!” to the children. The primary school principal and the Head of Aneho District Office expressed their gratitude to the WeLoveU.

Less than a week later, on January 20, it was decided to donate face masks and sanitary supplies to eight primary and secondary schools under the jurisdiction of the eighth district office in Cotonou, Littoral, Benin. First, they visited the eighth district office in Cotonou for a photo of the donation of supplies with the mayor. Then, they delivered 800 masks, 16 hand sanitizer dispensers, and 80 liters of hand sanitizer to 8 schools in the region.

The head of the WeLoveU Cotonou chapter in Benin said, “I heard that the students who need to concentrate on a class are suffering from COVID-19, so I thought we should help them with the heart of Mother. I hope students will take a class without worrying about the COVID-19, and prevent the viruses by wearing masks and washing their hands regularly.”

The WeLoveU members of the Benin and Togo chapters will unite with each other as they have done so far, and will devote themselves to caring for the global villagers with love, just as a mother takes care of her home with love.